How to decorate yard for Christmas holidays: 15 ideas

2 December 2015 |

December is the time of holiday anticipatory fuss, searching of gifts, making a New Year’s menu and selecting decor for our homes.

Happy owners of country houses have even more cares as they need to prepare not only the house itself but the surrounding plot as well. It is so nice to come back home in the evening and get to the real Christmas fairy tale. The sooner you decorate your garden, the longer this fairy tale will last. So start right now.

If you plan to spend your holidays at a summer villa, don’t be restricted by Christmas tree embellishment and beautifully settled table. It is so good to come out to the wonderfully decorated yard with the magical atmosphere!

We’ve selected 15 beautiful ideas of Christmas decor for garden and yard. From bows and sledge to caps and boxes – read our review.

  1. Use bows

Bows are great not only for a Christmas tree but for street decorating. They can be hand-made or purchased in stores.

Embellish railing, fences, flower pots, street lights, trees and columns with bows and ribbons and the territory in front of your house will immediately get elegant and solemn appearance.

новогодний декор бантами

  1. Decorate trees with light garlands

Light garlands bring true atmosphere of Christmas miracle. Note: use only outdoor models for street decorations.

Wrap tree stems and twigs around with them. It is good if you have a fir or a pine because these trees are best for this kind of embellishment. Add luminous icicles and other decorations as well.

новогодний декор фото идеи

  1. Illuminate your house

A house enveloped with mysterious lights looks stunning. You immediately recall scenes from those cozy Hollywood Christmas movies. Why not try to make them a reality?

There are many luminous devices for embellishment of the roof and the front available in stores. You can use them for decorating of individual elements of the building, for instance, the front door or the windows.

новогодний декор сада

  1. Use fir twigs

Fir tree is one of the main symbols of the Christmas holidays. If you don’t have one in your yard, you can decorate the whole space with fir twigs, artificial or organic. Use them to weave garlands and to embellish vases, window-sills, garden benches, lampposts, and planters.

новогодние украшения

  1. Decorate entrance

Beautifully decorated entrance gives the first and the main impression to everybody who comes into the house. So pay proper attention to embellishment of the front door and the porch.

Hang garlands on the railing, decorate the door with fir twigs or large evergreen compositions. Install a small fir tree, a Santa Claus figurine or a large candle at the door.

новогодний декор фото

  1. Embellish vases and planters

As a rule, planters standing in the yard are empty in winter. That’s why they can serve as wonderful objects for Christmas decorating. Embellish them with garlands, fir cones, twigs, balls, and other compositions.

новогодний декор двора

  1. Decorate sledge

An old or a new sledge can be a great street decor element. Put it at the door, decorate with fir twigs, bows, lanterns, skates and other attributes of winter.

новогодний декор для улицы

  1. Decorate yard with huge balls

There are many huge decor elements offered at Christmas fairs. Purchase them or make them with your own hands. Don’t use many oversized elements to avoid cluttering of the territory. One or two balls will be enough and look amazing.

новогодний декор для двора

  1. Make a snowman

There is no winter without a real snowman. If the weather is fine for that – don’t hesitate. Besides, it is a very interesting and captivating activity for the whole family.

But if the weather is warm enough and it isn’t snowing, purchase an outdoor figurine. Dress it to your taste: use knitted cap instead of a traditional bucket and mitten instead of the finger-twigs.

идеи новогодних украшений

  1. Install large luminous figures

You can decorate your yard with a figurine of a deer, Santa Claus or a bear. Fortunately, the assortment is really wide.

новогодний декор идеи

  1. Use gift boxes

Large cardboard boxes in bright beautiful packing with ribbons will add a special charm to your holiday atmosphere. Put them under a fir or scatter around the yard.

новогодний декор идеи

  1. Make fir wreaths

The simplest and the most effective decor element is a wreath made of pine or fir twigs. You can purchase a ready-made one or do it yourself. Hang wreaths on the fence, decorate the front door or railing with them or create your own unique composition.

идеи новогоднего декора дома

  1. Snow, snow, snow everywhere!

We all need much snow for the Christmas holidays. So buy many various artificial snowflakes, make garlands of them, decorate trees, bushes and external parts of the windows. Of course, you can try to make them with your own hands of paper, wood or branches.

новогодние украшения для улицы

  1. Use textile decorations

Select various knitted items – caps, scarves, cushions and plaids – and put them in the most unexpected places. Or use them to make a cozy relax nook.

новогодние украшения идеи

  1. Make ice figures

If the weather is cold enough, make large ice sculptures in the yard. You can also create small hand-made ice compositions and add dyes, fir twigs, pieces of fruits and berries to them. Hang them on trees, bushes and under the roof of your house. By the way, in winter these ice toys stuffed with fruits, vegetables and grain are perfect bird feeders.

новогодний декор улицы

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