Ice Q restaurant - the hero of new Bondiana

iDEASDESIGN’s editor staff liked beautiful architecture of the hospital where the new Bond’s movie was made. And we found that building but it turned out that it wasn’t a medical establishment at all.

Many people who watched a new episode of James Bond film – Spectre – remembered unusual glass building standing among snowy hills. But this building is not the invention of animators but the restaurant located in one of the most fashionable places of Alps, in Sölden.

Shooting of Spectre was made in the central premise resembling a huge glass cube. According to the story plot there wasn’t a restaurant but a futuristic hospital where future Bond’s girl worked as a director.

здание ресторана ice q

Sölden that is one of the most famous and expensive alpine resorts is located in Tirol (Ötztal valley). Since 2002 it hosts the first stage of World Cup for Alpine skiing. And now after the movie the place is even more famous.

архитектура альпийского ресторана

Ice Q-Lounge restaurant that is a hero of the movie is located on the top of Gaislachkogel, 3048 meters above sea level. It was opened in 2013.

The author of this scaled and unique project with the price of 4,5 million euro was Innsbruck-based architectural studio Obermoser. In 2010 its architectures also took part in construction of the ropeway where Ice Q is currently located. The cabin easily climbs you from 1363 to 3048 meters just in 12 minutes.

архитектура ice q

The building’s construction made of steel and glass was built in extreme conditions of permafrost. To prevent the building from drawing and displacement, the upper station of the ropeway was built on floating basement. The glazing area made up 900 sq.m.

There is a suspension bridge between the restaurant’s roof and the peak of Gaislachkogel. Ice Q also features a cozy lounge zone and even a panoramic terrace, where everybody will feel incredible delight due to the surrounding mountain landscape of Alps.

летня площадка ресторана в Альпах

The territory of the opened area allows being a limited amount of guests – up to 40 people. The entry costs 88 euro per a person. Each guest gets warm slippers istead of his ski boots, a hot lunch, a glass of sparkling wine and a personal deck-chair for the whole day.

The dining-hall features 80 seats. On Wednesdays the restaurant organizes solemn banquets where one can get only by appointment. The price is 98 euro per a guest. This sum includes some pleasant bonuses.

Despite the icy exterior of the building, the restaurant’s interior design is made warm. The walls and floor in the halls are shingled with wooden boards. There are only local eco-friendly materials used in finishing.

интерьер ресторана ice q

красивый интерьер ресторана ice q

The menu of the restaurant features traditional alpine cuisine supplemented by gorgeous wine card that is able to surprise even the most exceptious gourmet.

ice q необычный ресторан

интерье ресторана в Зельдене

ресторан в альпах

ресторан ice q

необычный горный ресторан

необычный интерьер ресторана ice q

красивый интерьер ресторана ice q

интерьер ресторана из Джеймса Бонда

интерьер необычного ресторана ice q

ice q архитектура ресторана

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