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Open-plan spaces are great for their spaciousness and comfrot. Here are our ten best ideas for such types of presmises.

Totally white space

A blend of various types of furniture often looks inelegantly and busy. To create lighter atmosphere, use furniture in a single color palette in adjoining areas thus joining them together. Wood of lighter shades like birch and maple brings the feeling of lightness to the space. A nice fireplace at the photo together with white double doors and wooden parquet look rich but at the same time airy and elegant.


Huge interior elements

Details of huge size, like these large circles on the rug, look perfectly in spacious open-plan spaces, and are an excellent way to bring some style to minimalistic design. A futuristic coffee table and nice modern chairs make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie, while a completely glass wall add light and spaciousness.


Artworks and bright cushions

Despite the fact that this color palette of muted light and neutral shades immediately brightens any room, owing to its coldness sometimes it can look too sterile and like-in-hospital. Dilute the palette with bright paintings on the walls and sofa cushions of bold colors.


More space for storage

Many things scattered around an open-plan space can totally spoil the look of it, so it is very important to think about storage space. Cabinets and shelves can help managing this task and simultaneously emphasizing the room’s design. Nice L-shape sofa forms a seating zone; while elegant décor elements and accessories soften overall impression of the interior.


Bold furniture and wallpaper

Switch on your imagination to the maximum when planning open spaces. Original wallpaper and contrasting furniture will bring style to the interior. If you have a large room, risk and decorate the entire space with nice prints, like these cute butterflies on the walls.


Space divided into zones

To get the maximum from your open-plan space try to divide it into zones for various purposes. The living room at this photo represents a blend of faded glitter and out-of-date glamour with patterned floor, furniture of bold shapes and beautiful goldish details. The darker space with metallic elements and neon signs is the kitchen.


Linking color accents

In large open-place spaces try to create design that will draw attention to the back side of the room. A blend of colors, styles, epochs and prints brings its distinctive style to every zone, at the same time harmonically joining them together.


Symmetry in neutral shades

Large windows in this living room let plenty of light coming inside, making it more spacious and brighter. Symmetry brings neatness and style to the interior. Vintage vases and photos add refinement to this modern living room, while daring color accents revive a neutral palette of the interior.


Oversized décor elements for lofts

In large lofts or penthouses the furniture and accessories are sometimes lost. This problem can be solved with the help of large items like wonderful floor lamp, eye catching wallpaper or daring geometric rug on the floor. To refresh the interior use fashionable grey and graphite shades.


Space dividing storage unit

To make your open-plan spaces bright and vivid, use bold, eclectic ideas. A yellow cabinet at the photo divides the living and dining zones and doesn’t overload the space at the same time. This unit is used to keep books, crockery and a TV-set. Besides, this is a great way to add color to a simple color palette.

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