How to awake your home with the help of illumination: 9 tips

16 October 2015 |

There is no simpler way to enhance your mood, health and comfort as well as to open colors and shades in your house than to adjust illumination. While many of us try hard to find the most fashionable sofa for a living-room or the best blue shade for an office, much can be changed by the way you illuminate your house with artificial light and how much natural light comes to your rooms.


If you wish to know how to improve your dwelling with the help of lighting – here are 9 tips you can use to start with.

1. Natural light can change your house and your mood

Natural light is important for all of us to make us happy and healthy. It is also good for your home: natural light kills bacteria looming in the dark and wet places of your house and creates an environment where artificial light is a weak competitor.


2. Proper illumination makes the space visually larger

Those of you who try to make your dwelling visually more spacious should pay attention to the lighting that can fool the eye. Dark rooms with large furniture and properly illuminated rooms with small pieces have absolutely different effects when it comes to interior design. Use many different light sources in the evening to avoid dark places in your house.

3. Natural light can be intensified with the help of the window treatment

Many homes are lack of the light sources and this is often because windows don’t let the light come in properly. Look at your windows: heavy blinds, thick shutters, multilayer fabric curtains close access to the light. Use lightweight textile like cotton or flax, especially if you live in moderate climate. For regions with more extreme climate use functional materials that can be taken away to let the light come in or be closed if the sun shines too bright.


4. Physical and mental state are improved due to the natural light

In many homes they often forget that natural light is very useful for health. No matter whether you enjoy tingles of light coming through translucent glass blocks in your shower each morning or simply open your office shutters wide each day – you get an undoubtful benefit. Try to come out to the street and absorb sunlight and then turn back home. If it seems your body lacks of the fresh therapeutic effect of the sun – think about how to attract it to your house in abundance.


5. Artificial light can make your house more beautiful

Lighting devices went a long way in residential illumination. From eco-friendly models like compact fluorescent lamps to LED devices – selection is huge. With the help of this kind of lighting one can favorably demonstrate architectural details of one’s home stressing positive elements and hiding what needs to be hidden.

6. Think about proper arrangement of windows

If you’re on a stage of designing your house or at least have an opportunity to choose furniture arrangement, remember these tips. Depending on the place you live and orientation of your house, rises and downs of the sun will influence you and your family members. Consider your lifestyle: do you like waking up early in the morning and admire the sun, or do you wake up late and wish to restrict sunlight coming to your living premises? On this basis properly consider arrangement of windows and furniture that there will be as much light as you need.


7. Choose the best lighting devices for your interior

There are so many lighting devices at the market! Walk about your house in different time of the day and determine what you do more often in each room or area. Ceiling lighting, for instance, chandeliers and sconces add spaciousness to any premise and are perfect for foyers and halls. Hidden illumination under furniture underlines the interior elements and looks perfect in living-rooms and bedrooms. Always choose lighting devices that stress the interior design and can be changed during the day.


8. Use house plants to let natural light inside your house

Greens and house plants go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle of a person and the presence of natural light inside the house. Give yourself an excuse to make you open curtains and shutters each day to let your greens get enough light. House plants on the balcony, a small vegetable garden in your kitchen, a small terrarium on the table or a hanging pot in your bathroom – all this requires sunlight and doesn’t require much space.


9. Bring your home warmer atmosphere with the help of illumination

You can change your mood in a moment just pushing a button, or closing a curtain, or lighting candles in your house. Your lifestyle will be improved with natural and proper artificial lighting. Create a home where you enjoy each minute spent!

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