Unfinished interior on 33-sq-m flat in Stockholm

7 October 2015 |

Shabby walls with stains of old paint, unstained wooden floor, wires hanging from the ceiling – this is all unique designer’s solutions in an absolutely new interior of a small flat.

“Renovation can’t be finished – it can be stopped” – this is a favorite saying of everyone who had to improve their home for once in their life. However, creative designers of Karin Matz Arkitekt turned an unfinished renovation into unique interior design.

дизайн интерьера маленькой квартиры

интерьер маленькой гостинной

дизайн интерьера кухни

Architectures say that each layer of paint, each crack on the ceiling and flooring has its own history the whole house is saturated with.

This Stockholm flat with the area of 33 square meters is in a premise that has been used as a furniture storehouse for more than 30 years. Its walls haven’t seen renovation for a long time; there wasn’t electricity and weren’t the slightest facilities in the flat as well.

While developing this design-project, the architects decided to preserve the layers of former finish and at the same time to create a comfortable and cozy space for living. As a result they managed to make a nice and rather unique interior design of this compact flat.

интерьер малогабаритной квартиры

отделка стен квартиры

необычный интерьер

They took Scandinavian interior style as a foundation – it features light shades diluted by bright juicy accents.

Living-room was combined with a kitchen and a dining area – this is an ideal solution for tiny spaces. High ceilings allowed making a sleeping area in a loft, right near the kitchen. Just a transparent parting wall separates these areas.

The flat also has modern bathroom equipped with all necessary utensils and domestic appliances. There is even a dressing-room, right under the sleeping area.

интерьер кухни и ванной

дизайнерский ремонт квартиры

интерье спальни

During the renovation almost all surfaces were left untouched, like they were many years ago. Of course, dirty old wall-paper was dismantled, holes in the walls were sealed and new wiring was installed.

But the main thing is that this flat with a unique “unfinished” renovation absolutely doesn’t resemble a storehouse and its space seems airy, light and bright.

отделка ванной комнаты

декор малогабаритной квартиры

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