Interior of original bookstore in Columbia

9¾ Bookstore and Café by Plasma Nodo is a bright place where people come not only to read but to share their passion to original design and great coffee with other visitors.



Located in Medellín, the second most important city of Columbia, this establishment is something much greater than a modern bookstore and cafe — it was intended for stimulating socialization and communication.



On the area of more than 200 square meters there are two floors with furnishings that changes as you move inside the space. Bookcases resembling shelves of old castle libraries reach the very ceiling provoking the feeling of special reverence. Created with kids in mind, the interior of this modern bookstore features elements like upholstered maps and hexagonal nooks where kids can draw, play, read and have rest.



Children who get to this colorful original palce for the first time will find many interesting activities and a couple of new friends. Each time when they come back here they will discover new entertainments playing various games.



On the first floor partitioned off by stained-glass windows with dark frames there is the entrance to the store, book collections, a cash desk, as well as a buffet with great variety of sweets. Cozy sofas under the walls covered with green foliage welcome visitors to sit in this surrealistic place where nature harmoniously blends with design.



Second floor is a mezzanine level that’s why the bookcases on the lower level are so high. There is also a cafe, a private place for reading and common tables.



Coffee in the establishment (of course, the original Columbian one) is made by experts exclusively. With coffee or tea in one hand and a good book in other hand each guest of this store understands how relaxing daytime rest here can turn into a pleasant habit.

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