Interior of the office of furniture company Dizaap in Kiev

This office of Ukrainian furniture company Dizaap was renovated only for three months with the minimal investments. This year the interior received prestigious award InterYear 2015.

The authors of this project are designers of architect Sergey Makhno’s studio.

The premise is situated in a new residential complex, not far from the center of Kiev (Ukraine). It occupies 141 square meters of the area. As the office is in rent, it was decided not to make dramatic changes in the walls finishing and leave them untouched.

дизайн интерьера офис в Киеве

красивый дизайн офиса

The basis of the project is minimalism. Raw concrete walls, ceilings and floors became the main background here. But abundance of various designer’s furniture, hand-made decor, beautiful couches and even toys made this office a true art-object. It is not accidental that the interior of the loft won InterYear award in nomination “Interiors of administrative and public buildings”.

дизайн интерьера офис в Киеве

The interior is harmonious with carved chairs, a table made of a wooden pallet, and a metal and ash-tree bookcase. Each element of the furnishing is on its right place and is so unique that you can examine it for hours.

Generally, the entire space is filled with designer’s objects that can be purchased by anybody who visits the Dizaap office. And this is a perfect example of how to turn the office space into the portfolio.

дизайн офиса интерьер Киев

Kitchen furniture was produced in Ukraine as well as a coffee table and a unique iron door leading to the water closet. Almost all furniture pieces, decor elements and lamps are produced by Ukrainian manufacturers by sketches of Sergey Makhno. The walls of the office are decorated with some paintings of the architect as well.

декор в интерьере

As the space is opened, with the minimal finishing, the architects faced the problem of low sound proofing. So they decided to install special panels that perfectly coped with noise suppression. A small deviation from the considered plan was greatly blended with already renovated space and has become one of the brightest accents of design.

дизайн офиса Киев

дизайн офиса

интерьер рабочих мест в офисе

дизайн интерьер офиса

интерьер офиса Киев

интерьер офиса

киев дизайн интерьера офиса

красивый интерьер офиса Киев

необычный интерьер офиса Киев

необычный офис в Киеве

необычный дизайн интерьер офиса

оригинальный дизайн офиса

оригинальный интерьер офиса

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