Interior of a spacious loft in Ukraine

23 May 2016 |

This is an incredibly elegant loft with six-meter dining table and glass walls.

The authors of this project are designers of Kiev studio 2B Group. Interior design of this apartment with the area of 250 square meters was created for a young married couple.

The house where this stunning loft is situated stands at the center of the city, on the slopes of the Dnieper, near Mariinsky Park. Large bay windows of the apartment open breathtaking views to the Kiev landscapes.

интерьер лофта

красивый интерьер квартиры в Киеве

лофт в Киеве

Large spaces, minimal furniture set, rough textures and abundance of glass comprise not quite usual selection for the design of a cozy family apartment. These things would rather be appropriate for decorating of a bachelor’s shelter.

Zoning of spaces was done with the help of glass partition walls with sliding doors. All premises were left opened to the maximum. The apartment is equipped with electric curtains in case if the owners wish to create more private atmosphere. When they are expanded in the center of the apartment, they create the effect of a theatre stage.

необычный дизайн интерьера лофта

необычный дизайн спальни

необычный интерьер спальни

Unique six-meter dining table is a bright example of multifunctional furniture piece. It can be used as a working kitchen surface, as the place for work, playing games and meeting with friends.

There is a huge chandelier above this zone because large space required proper illumination. The designers decided to use lamp in industrial style of unusual geometric shape.

небычный лофт в Киеве

лофт дизайн интерьера

Each rough finish element in this apartment is balanced with a warm component of the interior. For instance, bright posters and merry chalk paintings add coziness to the rusty wall in the dining room.

Bedroom is decorated to be matched with the entire apartment, in minimalist style. Like other rooms, the bedroom is equipped with electric curtains. Thus, the lounge space can be transformed depending on the owners’ mood. There is also a large construction of built-in cabinet furniture with white fronts — perfect spacious storage place.

необычный дизайн спальни

оригинальный лофт Киев

лофт в Киеве дизайн интерьера

оригинальный интерьер лофта

The interior of the living-room is also flexible and modifiable. Soft furniture pieces in the living-room consist of small blocks that can be arranged into various combinations for all occasions.

лофт дизайн

дизайн лофта Киев

дизайн интерьера лофта Киев

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