Lemongrass restaurant: tropical heaven in Indonesia

Lemongrass restaurant is situated in Indonesian city Bogor on Java island. There are the most important sights of the city beside – Presidential Bogor Palace and famous Bogor botanical gardens, the oldest and the largest world botanical gardens.

Looking at the restaurant’s interior design you realize that it was inspired by the atmosphere of Bogor.


Many people don’t know that Bogor is only 60 km away from Indonesian capital Jakarta. During the Dutch colonial empire Bogor (or “Buitenzorg”) served as a summer residence of the Governor-General of Holland Ost-India. The word “Buitenzorg” means “careless” in Dutch. This reflects the beauty of Bogor making people forget about cares and feel themselves relaxed and careless.



Interior design of the Lemongrass restaurant reflects the city itself. It is called the Tropical heaven as architecture, interior and landscape design are combined into one tropical heaven. Modern tropical architecture with rich tropical shades and plants were developed subject to and in harmony with the surrounding nature.



If to dig deeper into the conception, one should note that the building of the Lemongrass restaurant is situated at the center of a beautiful tropical garden. Here we can also see connection with the name of the city. In addition, the plan of the building was exclusively designed as an opened space, without borders between indoors and outdoors.



The Lemongrass restaurant is divided into four zones. They are the main dining zone, an outdoor zone, a second floor zone and a roof zone. Visitors pass through a narrow corridor of tropical jungle to enter the restaurant. Wisper of water in a reflecting pool, beautiful plants and fragrance of nature evoke nice feelings in them.



In the foyer guests see two main areas of the Lemongrass restaurant – inside and outside. Natural materials like stone, wood and ceramics are mixed into one key designer’s element that brings warmth and comfort to the atmoshpere.



Long outdoor kitchen meets visitors in the internal dining zone. It offers to examine menu and to taste dishes cooked and served right here. Mosaic floor with peakcock feather pattern at the center of the dining area is a path between indoors and outdoors.



Guests of the outdoor area enjoy delicious food, the fresh air of Bogor and beautiful blue floor mosaic – the central element of this zone.


Harmonious play of tropical shades of furniture catches the eye. All outdoor furniture is perfectly combined with nature of the tropical garden and nobility of cream exotic stone at the background. Ceramic tiles and cream Intalian stone terracco made of natural seashells are used for flooring. They again demonstrate connection with nature and tropical aspect of design.


The second floor of the Lemongrass restaurant is considerably smaller that the first one. It is because it has a big hollow space outlooking the dining zone below. The second floor features beautilful birdcage-shaped chandelier, as well as blue mosaics with a copper rim. There is no border separating indoors and outdoors. This makes people feel themselves being close to nature.


The second floor also features a neutral element. It is the concrete ceiling that balances the interior of the restaurant, and is a playful element with iconic material as a ceiling finish – the plywood. There is a vertical garden and an opened zone on the roof.


The roof zone is located in the backyard of the second floor’s dining area. There is a long bar table and colorful chairs offering to enjoy splendid sunsets, mountains and garden. Surrounded by tropical nature, stylish colored furniture, gorgeous Chinese mosaics, wood and wonderful views to Bogor, the guests really feel themselves in true tropical heaven.

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