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This project’s designers tried to use each square meter of a total area to the maximum. They reached the very top of the house – an attic – to create this wonderful light interior.

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As you can see, some peculiarities of this attic tell us that it is not a usual part of the house in full comprehension: the top of the rooms is not of a rectangular shape – the walls are inclined to the ceiling at a certain angle. The same style is peculiar to some of the windows; ceiling beams also give rise to definite thoughts. But this is the end of fundamental distinctions from standard ideas about the living space. By the way, such unusual shape of the walls, windows and ceiling don’t spoil common impression at all.

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On the contrary, the original project is intriguing and beckoning. Comfortable windows location with unusual niches provides free sunlight penetration to the rooms and white walls visually make the space more airy. This well-considered designers’ move brings stunning effect. The window is located right under the ceiling and that’s why the stream of light falls at a slight angle. The water closet has completely transparent ceiling so it allows refusing electric lighting.

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The arch and rectangular windows open an incredible view: the roofs of neighboring houses are against the clear blue sky as bare as the hand. The attic is the same beautiful and functional. True, after the amazing renovation it hurts us to call this gorgeous dwelling like that.
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The lovely set kitchen with a small dining area by the window, spacious bedroom, cozy working corner, perfectly equipped water closet – all this has a common style, is functional and harmonic. What does one need for comfortable living? Ok, maybe a couple of servants to maintain all this crispy whiteness in a proper order.

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