Living in the open air: vintage lake heaven

14 June 2016 |

The owners of this house near the lake were always dreaming to live in the open air close to the water, to play golf, read and relax.



John and Karoline spent many years to find their dream house. When they found a great plot that absolutely corresponded with the requirements, they decided to build their own house there.

The owners chose the maximally opened plan to make the house convenient for their four sons with their families. Karoline decided to set up a large hall with a kitchen, a dining-room and a living room marking out the spaces with the help of furniture.


A large cast-iron sink is installed under the window so Karoline can observe splendid outside views when washing dishes. The kitchen doesn’t have hanging cabinets but there are two kitchen islands to provide enough storage.


This is one of the most favorite items of Karoline – the hand-decorated vintage sideboard.


The owners reduced the number of passes and corridors to the minimum to save useful space.


The walls of the house are made of cypress so they needn’t a water mortar. The extractor hood, the entrance door and a fireplace in the living room feature old renovated wooden beams.


Small kid’s poufs with textile sits look cute.


As the family is big, it was decided to make many bedrooms.


Karoline decorated the guest bedroom upstairs with family treasures including forged beds. Old painted tables and trunks serve as bedside tables.


Original mirror in the hall is a hand-made piece made by the owners from the branches found at the site.


The porch has a special atmosphere. There are a lot of unique vintage items that Karoline purchased at the flea markets and on sales.

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