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27 January 2016 |

Many people can’t boast of large dwelling space with a number of rooms. Often one room is a multi-functional space and very often a living room serves as a bedroom.

At first sight, these rooms are completely different and can’t be combined. But if you make proper planning and zoning, the space will be comfortable, beautiful and cozy for all family members.

Start from considering whether you should mark out both areas in one room: maybe it will be better to dilute your future bedroom in the living room.

дизайн спальня гостиная

гостиная совмещенная со спальней фото

дизайн комнаты гостиной спальни фото

In this case everything is simple. Just buy comfortable folding sofa that will be a central interior element. At night it will serve as a bed, at day it will be a cozy place to sit after a long working day and watch TV.

But simplicity is not the point – this variant is not so comfortable. First of all, you always should keep your living room in an ideal order, make the bed and fold your sofa each morning. Second, if one of your family members wants to have some rest, you automatically lose your living room.

дизайн комнаты спальня гостиная

спальня гостиная дизайн фото

дизайн гостиная спальня

That’s why beautifully and correctly planned design of the combined living room and bedroom with a full-fledged lounge zone is not only convenient but functional as well.

Use furniture or decor elements to zone the space: screens, bookcases, shelves and curtains. Often they use blind partitions made of drywall, brick, wood or partial barriers in the form of arch, sliding mechanisms, glass or plastic partition walls.

дизайн спальня гостиная фото

дизайн спальни гостиной

дизайн маленькой гостиной спальни

Pay proper attention to selection of furniture for your living bedroom. Transforming furniture will be the best solution – folding tables, beds combined with chairs, poufs etc.

Try to not overload horizontal surfaces. Hang everything you can on the wall. For instance, use bookshelves instead of a bookcase, hang your TV-set on the wall instead of installing a TV-stand.

дизайн проект гостиной спальни

дизайн спальни гостиной 18 кв м

дизайн проект спальня гостиная фото

дизайн комнаты гостиной спальни

You can also use colors and materials to mark out the areas. Cover the floor in the living zone with wood and use rug in the bedroom one. The same concerns the walls and ceiling – for instance, use wallpaper in the sleeping zone and paint the walls in the living one. Make bright illumination in the living area and use dotted and muted lighting in the sleeping zone. You can even make a podium for your bed.

The main thing you should remember is that development of the living bedroom design should start with the lounge area and then continue to fill the living area with all necessary elements.

дизайн проект гостиной спальни фото

дизайн гостиная спальня фото

дизайн спальни и гостиной в одной комнате

дизайн проект спальня гостиная

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