Living room is the best place in any house where family and friends gather to communicate. So everyone wishes to make not only comfortable but harmonic space.

An ideal living room must show the beauty in your eyes, your character and lifestyle.

You’d better decorate your living room for yourself – this is an opportunity to save money and make the room exactly as you wish it to look.

Here are some unique styles for living room decoration that will help you making the right choice.

Fresh and cozy interior with much natural light. Everything is ideal here – from color to style. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised about your taste.


A living room with relaxing and gorgeous atmosphere. The interior combines clean modern elements with traditional cottage architecture.


Lighting is the most impressive in this living room. You’ll feel warm and cozy in this small sofa next to the fireplace. The room is perfect for couples.


A living room for the nature lovers with much white and green. It looks pretty simple but elegant and comfortable. Your guests will feel free and relaxed in this room.


If your living room is large, this style is yours. You feel like you’re in a garden in this room. Harmonic colors and furniture arrangement create perfect space for gatherings.


Spacious living room with prevalent white color: this interior is also ideal for large rooms. High ceilings are underlined with uncovered wooden beams that bring a special rustic charm to the room.


This living room looks traditional but also includes modern beauty. The fireplace brings some European style that creates a warm a сozy atmosphere in combination with harmonic color palette.


Small tree root stools between armchairs serve as tables for drinks. Along with an interesting turquoise sofa they form a sitting area around a coffee-table made of processed board and steel frame. A sea grass rug adds the feeling of a beach house to the whole interior.


A large living room is divided into 4 zones: a playing table, a central table, a table for reading and a table for communication. White trimming and walls are softened with texture and wood. A custom made playing table has built-in sliding holders for drinks to keep the playing surface free.


An elegant and gorgeous living room with comfortable and logic interior. Each detail looks ideally here.


From transitional to modern style – that was our top-10 of unique styles for living rooms. Choose and blend them, using colors, furniture, paintings, rugs, plants and more. Make a space that will show your character and become a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends.

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