Living room with bay windows: 5 stylish ideas

Flats and houses with bay windows look elegant and rather unusual. But often this element leaves the owners confused. So how to beautifully play up the design of a room with the bay windows to make the space comfortable and cozy?

The bay window is a true gift to any architect. It adds individuality, solemnity and chic to the room. You can make it in any style. Properly developed design of the bay windows will help visually widen the room and add light and volume to it.

Living rooms look especially dramatically with this element. There are a lot of variants of them. We’re going to examine five the most widespread and beautiful ideas of using the bay window in the interior.

Make the bay window area in a single style with the room. If you wish, you can mark it out with the rug, make a podium in it or play it up using multilevel ceiling. Don’t use tall pieces of decor or furniture, blind screens and high plants as these elements make the area darker and smaller.

A great variant to design the bay window is to make a living area in it. Put a beautiful sofa or install a fireplace. If you wish to bring some coziness, use a nice shade and the rug.

дизайн дома с эркером фото

дизайн гостиной с эркером

The most widespread design trick when designing the bay window is to install a round sofa or an ottoman along the window-sill. It will be a great place to have some rest, spend time reading or simply seclude oneself from the house buzz.

дизайн гостиных с эркером

дизайн гостиных с эркером фото

To hide this area from eyes, just decorate the windows with light semi-transparent curtains, blinds or Roman curtains. To make design of the living room with bay windows harmonic, use textile that falls within the entire decor of the room.

гостиная эркер дизайн фото

гостиная с эркером дизайн

The bay windows area looks perfect with a couple of chairs or a small sofa with a table. Of course, you won’t be able to lie down for a while and have some rest but you can use this cozy nook for reading a book or drinking tea.

гостиная дизайн фото

гостиная дизайн эркер

Very often the bay windows area serves as a home office. An elegant table, a stylish armchair and a couple of paper and stationery drawers will make this zone beautiful and comfortable. But note that all pieces of furnishing have to harmonize with the entire design of the living room.

гостиная эркер дизайн

дизайн интерьера эркера фото

The bay window is a perfect place for a dining area. Put a small folding table, add a couple of chairs or low sofas, and your guests will feel incredibly comfortable.

дизайн гостиной с эркером фото

дизайн дома эркер фото

дизайн интерьера эркера

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