Loft style apartment in Ukraine

27 March 2016 |

Interior designers know that often a building itself forces them to choose style for the interior. This apartment in Kiev (Ukraine) isn’t an exclusion.

The authors of design are the architects of Sergey Makhno studio. The owners were a young couple waiting for a baby. They wanted a modern residence with private area for sleeping and relax. Wife also wished to get a personal SPA-area.

The apartment is at the historical center of Kiev, in the old house. The area is 128 sq.m. The project was complete in 2013, and it took 7 months for its realization.

лофт дизайн интерьера

When designers got to the apartment for the first time, it has already been repaired, but the new owners wanted to transform their dwelling completely and invited specialists to do that.

The plan of the apartment was decided to be made truly modern – designers joined the kitchen, living room, dining-room and TV areas together. They also made two separate bedrooms for adults and kids. SPA-area was made on a balcony in adults’ bedroom.

When designers demolished old finish, they found old brick walls and iron channels. This prompted them to choose loft style for this apartment.

лофт дизайн интерьера фото

A part of the walls was remained untouched so it became a kind of decor element. All other walls were whitewashed and covered with ash-tree boards; the flooring is made of oak.

There is a nice mix of Italian furniture and designers’ elements. Chairs, stools and fittings are from the Italian factory of Minotti brand. A marble table in the living room is also from this brand’s collection.

A unique element of the living room design is a console of the false fireplace made of conrete. The owner saw it at Sotheby’s and asked designers to make the precise copy

дизайн квартир в стиле лофт фото

дизайн в стиле лофт

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дизайн квартир в стиле лофт

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дизайн интерьера в стиле лофт

дизайн квартир лофт фото

дизайн интерьера в стиле лофт фото

дизайн в стиле лофт фото

лофт дизайн интерьер

дизайн лофт интерьер

лофт дизайн интерьер фото

Photo: Andrey Avdeenko

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