Living room is a special place in each house. Everybody wish to have it comfortable and harmonic. Traditionally a living room means a coffee table, a sofa and a chair, a couple of paintings, a rug, a TV-set, a lamp etc. But you can decorate your living room as you wish even if your budget is restricted.

Think carefully about furniture, accessories, wall papers and even a rug. You have to do anything to lower charges and preserve comfort and warmth.

If you’re looking for an ideal living room design having a low budget, enjoy our interesting ideas.


Simple furniture creates gorgeous and comfortable atmosphere. Don’t use expensive decorations: just a simple good table and a sweet sofa.


A small table, two sofas, an original lamp and harmonic colors create a combination that positively affect the owner and his guests.


A simple but original living room with a round table, flowers and more. Such kind of design is intended for those who doesn’t want to spend much money and for young and busy people.


Another idea for a low budget with simple furniture – cheap TV-set, cheap wooden table, cupboard etc. They use even a staircase and a table as shelves. Such style is perfect for mature and even old people.


Embellish your living room with paintings and wall art. If you use your own works, this will bring your character to the room. It is ideal for young and busy people.


One table, one sofa and a rug can make your living room elegant without much money. The cusions are of the same bright green color as the tree is and this is impressive. Two vases with flowers draw attention to them. This style is perfect for young and busy people.


This design is good for old people who wish to live simple and relaxed life.


Choose light furniture with legs. Light tones take less visual space, legs don’t overload the floor that makes the entire space more opened.


The table in this living room is an inverted wicker busket that can be used for books, boxed and so on. The more you have free space, the more things you store. Keep your shelves organized.


Dillute the space with the elements that are going to draw your eyes away from furniture. Floor lamps, huge vases with long twigs, tall mirrors, vertical patterns, multy-layered tables etc.


Illumination is important for every room, especially for a small one. Select a windows decor of light colors to let natural light come inside the room. Or use blinds to open them when necessary.


If your room is not big, choose small furniture items. Chairs without arms, compact sofas, small sectional items – all this can make your room more spacious.


If your have a sofa you wish to preserve which is dominating in your living room, paint the walls a little bit lighter than its upholstery. Your eyes will slide over the room instead of being stuck into the sofa.


Neutral colors mixed with light tones of blue and green are perfect in small rooms. Cold shades become transparent making the space larger. Simple floors made of light wood also add clearness and easiness. But don’t use dark floor in such interior – this will bring a converse effect.


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