Luxurious design of Venetian hotel

7 February 2016 |

Romantic, shining and luxurious interior of Italian hotel Palazzina Grass in Venice stuns everyone who comes here to stay.

Design project of the hotel has been developed by famous French designer Philippe Starck. In the designer’s portfolio Palazzina Grass is the only hotel in Venice and first hotel in Italy.

The hotel with the area of 2800 sq.m. is situated in a Venetian mansion on Canal Grande. The building’s front was built in XVI century. The concept of the hotel interior design was directed to keep alive the spirit that would underline the miraculous atmosphere of ancient Venice.

According to historians’ assumptions, in XV-XVI centuries the mansion was a public bath-house built after the Roman therms. This fact is also underlined by the colonnade in the foyer remained after those times.

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The hotel has a 5-stars category. It includes 26 rooms – from double to the luxury apartments. The guests are also invited to visit a restaurant that offers exquisite dishes of high cuisine, a bar and first Italian private club of Krug house of champagne wine. The windows of the hotel face the stunning Venetian views.

Hotel design is made in classic Italian style where antiquity meets modernity. The designers used expensive materials in finishing of the rooms: Italian marble, valuable wood species and Murmansk glass. Furniture in the hotel has been produced according to the Starck’s sketches.

The design of the hotel rooms is overwhelmed with the atmosphere of Venetian carnival. Finishing is made in light color palette. Each bed has a headboard that is a large mirror with original illumination. Wardrobes are made of glass and are rather meant to store carnival masks and costumes. Onyx and moonstone were used to make the tops of the coffee tables that were supplemented with mirror plastic armchairs and stumps. Bedside tables are made of steel.

Restaurant interior design is also gorgeous like the interior of the rooms. The walls and the ceiling are covered with red wood, the floor was made marble, and lamps were made of Venetian glass.

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