17 December 2014 |

This loft, which is located in the late 19-th century bulding in Prague, has become an interesting challenge for the designers: how to bring it elegant proportions of the living space and at the same time get the most out of it and use all the possibilities provided by the earlier rennovation with intermediate levels as the result.


The owner of the appartment – a businessman and animal trophies’ collector – ordered a spacious loft, where he could display his constantly growing collection. He also wanted his loft to be made with the same comfort and quality that he experiences in luxury hotels in his numerous business trips.


The lower level represents an entertainment zone, which is underlined by large open space including a kitchen with a bar table and dinner area. This level also includes two separate zones: one contains a living room, a guest room and a media room and another one – the master’s bedroom, a bathroom, a checkroom and a pantry.


The master’s bedroom is separated from the working space by sliding doors that are kept opened most of the time.


The master’s area with a bedroom borders with a bathroom equipped with large steam shower and cabinets on one side and is closed by large steel sliding door, which leads to the living room, on the other side.


Staircase is produced of a light steel construction that literally flies over the lower level.


The upper level includes the second master’s bedroom with a small bathroom and a large checkroom as well as a guest zone with a terraсe.


The loft’s color palette is classic white for the walls, floors and ceiling, which is diluted by wooden beams and steel elements. Such clear white background is ideal for the owner’s trophie collection, which will provide additional color accents in the interior.


attic-loft-recon3611 attic-loft-recon4169

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