Mirrors in interior design

27 June 2016 |

Interior design is an inexact science. Based on this, an arrangement of a house may not bring desirable effect. For instance, many people know: to enlarge the space visually you should use mirror in interior. Or many mirrors? Where should you hang it on? Let’s talk about mirrors in interior design.

Firstly, think about reflection you want to get

Think ahead. If you hang a mirror in front of a huge closet, you will get a reflection of it. Why do you need two closets in a room, if you can’t do anything with the second one? Think well depending on the rule of proportionality. For example, in a small room you’d better use one mirror in a spectacular frame. Place it so that it reflects the bigger part of the room.

зеркало в интерьере

No Feng Shui and signs

Professional designers never recommend to hang the mirror away from the bed due to some superstitions. Often, people try not to use the mirror that reflects the bed but this means a person may have some psychological problems. You also shouldn’t put a mirror near beds or in any accessible places in a kid’s room. In a bedroom just hang a mirror in a wardrobe area, and in a kid’s room put a small dresser mirror, because it is very important for a kid to perceive himself.

зеркало в интерьере

зеркало в интерьере

Select function for a mirror in interior

If you wish a mirror to bring coziness and style to your home instead of only being a make-up place, we’d like to show you some wise examples. It is better to set a main task for the reflective object.

1. For the airiness of the room

put a large mirror surface (or a composition of several mirrors) on the wall adjacent to the head of the bed and try to place sources of light in reflection

зеркало в интерьере

2. Coziness

directly depends on the amount of mirrors so if your room lacks coziness, you’d just put away excess “reflectors” or replace them to the other side. Experiment!

3. Add spaciousness and volume

with the help of the mirror that “captures” the window

зеркало в интерьере

4. Add light to the space

by reflecting any source of light or a window again that mustn’t be heavily closed by textile. Another option for a room: if two windows are located on one wall, you can easily put a large mirror between them.

5. Deepen small niches

by finishing alcoves with the mirrors – the hollow will look deeper and bring an additional effect due to a room’s lay-out. For instance, the mirrors in niches on each side of the fireplace create an illusory chimney. Brilliant!

зеркало в интерьере

зеркало в интерьере

6. Add art and beauty to your house

with the help of an alternative-shaped mirror, beautiful, adorned with patina, engraving, paint, eglomise technique etc.

7. For unique illusions

we recommend using large convex mirrors in industrial style and you’ll definitely get the atmosphere of surrealism.

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8. To illuminate the darkest corners of far-from-minimalist space

also use convex mirrors. For instance, architect John Soane in his own house wisely hung small convex mirrors and thus provided the whole room with the light.

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Stylish ideas for competent use of mirrors in interior

Let’s finish with a great selection of ideas of using the mirrors in interior. We recommend to use them.





зеркало в интерьере

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