Modern house in an old chapel

14 October 2015 |

We’d like to show you a stupendous transformation: an old chapel turned into a cozy and beautiful home. Transformation was made by Evolution Design studio.



The building is situated in Forest-in-Teesdale village in Great Britain, near The North Pennines. Designers preserved historical interior of the chapel having decided to transform it only inside, and turned it into original modern residential house. The building of the chapel originally was in a very bad state and hadn’t been used for years. The purpose of the designers was to revitalize it and create a dwelling that would allow residents enjoying local counrty life and unique architecture.



First step was to repair old damaged roof and protect windows and doors to prevent further damages and moisture penetration. Then the design process begun as well as service lines laying and installation of wastewater treatment system as the house is located in the lonely place.



The authors of design decided to make three guest bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen/dining area and a living-room. To locate all these premises without creating the cramped conditions they built a mezzanine level especially for the bedrooms. The lower level includes all other premises plus an additional bedroom.



The designers paid much attention to preserving original gothic style to the maximum, in particular the arch windows that were in the old building. They also installed custom-made glasses and shades that allowed preserving historic details of the chapel.



As the interior resulted in rustic modern style, the authors made all they could to preserve integrity of the chapel’s historical charm.



The kitchen and the dining area are literally drenched with light coming from the big arch windows and skylights. They also retained original ceiling beams.



Three double bedrooms and one additional bedroom can comfortably accomodate seven people.

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