30 May 2014 |

If you think that black and white interior of your modern apartment is too much for you – try monochromatic color style interior that you can use to remodel your dwelling. With the monochromatic color you can get a peaceful and subtle atmosphere of your home. Enjoy some interior ideas for modern apartment with a monochromatic color style.

modern-apartment202 modern-apartment543 modern-apartment1558 modern-apartment4059

The designer carefully chose the elements, bedding, furniture, décor and all other accents to create wonderful monochromatic color style that lives in this apartment interior. White kitchen, dining table and sink table, as well as bookshelves are surrounded by grey color that leads us to black elements like chairs, sofas and hanging lamp. Different materials and color of floors – white flooring of the main space and wood slats on the floor of the bedroom – provide light transition of different activity areas.
modern-apartment5492 modern-apartment5932 modern-apartment7231 modern-apartment9070

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