Office design in Amsterdam: a comfortable home

Dutch designers have proved that an abandoned dark barn can be transformed into the bright, spacious and home-like working space.

The authors of the project of the office for advertising company BrandDeli are the specialists from DZAP studio.

The 1200-sq-m office is situated in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The concept of the office was meant to help employees feel themselves comfortable like home.

Before getting to the designers’ hands, the building was an abandoned two-storeyed warehouse. In addition, there was almost no natural light as the windows were only on one side of the building.

дизайн ремонт офисов

дизайны офисов

фото дизайн офиса

The office interior design is industrial. The naked red brick walls, concrete flooring and ceiling indicate that once there was a storage room. But wooden decor elements, pieces of art and woolen Persian rugs bring homely coziness and comfort to the atmosphere.

The ground floor without windows features negotiation rooms that are separated from the working area by transparent partition walls. There is also a polygraphic studio and a bar on this floor.

современный дизайн офиса

отделка офисов дизайн

интерьер офиса дизайн фото

The kitchen and the bar are on the first floor. The kitchen area is extended by reception with the adjacent lounge-zone featuring soft couches and armchairs to provide the customers with the comfortable place to wait for the office employees. A central zone of the interior is the designer’s fireplace that is a bright element of the office design.

дизайн офиса проект

офис дизайн интерьера

дизайн офисов

Employees’ working places are made opened. The managers have isolated rooms fenced with the glass partitions. There are also cabins for private phone and tete a tete talks.

офисный дизайн

дизайны офисов

дизайн проект офиса

дизайн интерьера офисов

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