Old barn in France turned into a stylish office

Old stone contrast with the snow-white walls in this transformed barn that is situated in the south of France.


Architect Michaël Menuet transformed the barn into office and exhibition hall for Objekto – French company that is the official distributor of furniture and accessories of famous Brazil designers including Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Mauricio Klabin and Rafic Farah.


The company needed an office and exhibition hall to display the products that’s why Menuet decided to create the interior design with combined premises and the gallery atmosphere.


«Like a museum, the building puts the focus on the furniture being presented, – says the architect. – The continuity of the floors, walls and ceilings of the first floor creates a homogeneous space that is white and timeless».


To achieve bright and opened space the architect lifted up the original pitched roof to make the ceiling of the first floor slightly higher.


It was also decided to make four new bay windows – three on the ground floor and one on the first floor. These windows provide an ideal opportunity to arrange furniture that visitors could enjoy splendid views of the Provence landscape. Outside the building thin window frames perfectly contrast with stone.


In the center of the building there is a wall along entire height that penetrates both levels marking division between the reception and storage room on the ground floor and the office and exhibition hall on the first floor.


The wall doesn’t stretch across the full width of the space and thus allows preserving connection between different areas. In particular, the first floor has no doors or partition walls dividing two premises.


A staircase with cantilevered treads is supported by a stone wall that contrasts with the opposite white surface.


On the upper level this contrast is stressed by abundance of white color the majority of surfaces and cabinetry are painted in.


«The absence of baseboards, the white lacquered storage cabinets, the open angles of the window framing and the continuous ceiling up to the woodwork are all elements that dematerialise the office and showroom space, – says Menuet. – This whiteness is only interrupted by the shear stone walls and the views of the surrounding countryside, making the building more tangible in space and time».


A fireplace installed in one section of the white central wall is accented with glass on both sides to preserve visible connection between two premises. Form and textures of furniture make the neutral spaces more presentable.

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