Orange kitchen design: 25 stylish ideas

Do you wish to wake up and feel energy? Consider orange kitchen design. But you’d pay attention to many points doing this kind of interior.

Orange is associated with warm sun beams, sand on the beach, and a beautiful autumn day. Shades of the ripe orange cheer up, give courage, create the feeling of warmth, freshness and coziness. They are great for the kitchen design.

Another advantage of orange is that it’s good for kitchens with the windows facing the north and also for kitchens poor with the light that is especially great for regions with long dull winters.

оранжевые кухни фото дизайн

When considering orange kitchen design, pay attention to the following rules:

– orange is visually active in relation to other shades. It can suppress other colors. So use orange accents pointwise and apply unsaturated shades

– orange visually enlarges objects. You can correct peculiarities of the rooms’ layout with it. For instance, if you paint the distant wall in a narrow kitchen with bright orange, the space will look wider

– don’t use abundance of this shade in small kitchens. A small orange premise will look even smaller. It would better be used for furniture, decor elements, crockery and textile.

оранжевая кухня дизайн интерьера

Orange has a rich palette – ochre, copper, peach, terracotta, carrot, amber, coral etc. The range is really huge. You can always choose a shade on your liking, considering the features of a premise and personal preferences.

For instance, those who are afraid of gaining some weight but wish to make their kitchen orange, would better choose gentle apricot or peach shades.

If you like orange kitchens only on pictures and can’t imagine yourself being in that kind of a kitchen, bring some orange diversity in the form of chairs, curtains, lamps and crockery.

оранжевые кухни

Correct combination of orange in the interior can make it no too obsessive and underline other colors:

– orange and white make a classic mix. Orange furniture against the white walls and the ceiling looks larger and more expressive. But note that you’d better select muted shades of orange for this kind of design

оранжевая кухня фото

– blue and orange complement and balance each other respectively. This combination is great for kitchen facing the south

дизайн оранжевой и синей кухни

– shades of green and orange also perfectly complement each other but green must be warm, gentle and light

оранжевые кухни фото

– black and orange is the most widespread combination for kitchen design in hi-tech style. It is rather extravagant and stylish variant of design and one should work it out very carefully

дизайн кухния оранжевого цвета фото

– grey balances excessive richness and aggressiveness of orange, as chrome interior details do

оранжевые кухни фото интерьер

Orange kitchen design is very rich. Just find what you like most of all. And be inspired by our photo selection!

оранжевые кухни дизайн фото

оранжевая кухня дизайн интерьера фото

оранжевая кухня

оранжевая кухня дизайн

дизайн оранжевой кухни

дизайн оранжевой кухни фото

дизайн кухни оранжевой

дизайн кухния оранжевого цвета

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