Patchwork tiles in kitchen interior

Bright, contrasting and eye-catching ceramic tiles in patchwork style will be a focal point in the interior of any kitchen.

Patchwork style today is one of the most popular trends in interior design. Patchwork pieces are attractive, and interior with this kind of elements will always be original and unique.

Patchwork is stitching of scraps of textile that differ by pattern, color and texture. The output product is beautiful, unique, with unmatchable splendid adornment.

Bright and uncommon appearance of scrappy pieces was also appreciated by ceramic tiles manufacturers. Modern patchwork tiles collections offer diversity of patterns and forms. It looks especially good in the kitchen interior.

красивый пэчворк интерьер кухни

In majority of cases a patchwork ceramic panel has the outlay of 4 or 9 small tiles with distinctive pattern. Often there are flower ornaments; rarely there are geometric and abstract patterns.

As for a color palette, it is very diverse — from monochrome models to bright multicolored solutions. You can assemble a scrappy composition you like by your own or use finished designer’s solutions.

If you chose the first variant, consider some nuances. First of all, all tiles should have similar size and thickness, as well as the method of pattern application and edge type. Second, all elements of this composition should match with one style and color.

оригинальный интерьер кухни

Patchwork tiles featuring one, two or three colors, looks calmer and more pleasant in the kitchen interior. It doesn’t draw attention and doesn’t look weary. However, if design of the kitchen is made in totally white color, the bright solution of multicolored scrappy composition on the working skirt or on the floor will look pretty dramatically.

Motley color patchwork accents help solving a problem of any dull kitchen interior. Architects often use this kind of tiles in monochrome designs with grey, beige and white colors.

дизайн интерьер красивой кухни

One of the most popular styles that use patchwork tiles more often is a country style. Here it looks the most harmonically. In this kind of interiors designers apply both monochrome color solutions and bold mixes. Blue and white pattern of tiles looks perfect here.

By the way, two-colored blue and white pattern will fit not only in country style, but in the interior of a kitchen made in Provence, Mediterranean and modern styles.

вариныт интерьеров кухни в стиле пэчворк

пэчворк интерьер кухни

стильный дизайн кухни

Scrappy ceramic compositions will look perfect also in vintage interior of a kitchen space. Just select muted patterns of tiles.

красивый пэчворк интерьер кухни

Designers advise to use patchwork compositions as the accents in this or that part of the kitchen. It especially concerns small premises where abundance of this kind of pattern will ripple and break geometry of design.

The most widespread trick in interior is emphasizing of a kitchen working area with scrappy ceramics. The floor in the kitchen also looks stunning with these tiles!

оригинальный пэчворк интерьер кухни

Here are another interesting variants of patchwork tiles application in the kitchen interior.

стильный интерьер кухни

кухня в стиле пэчворк

необычный интерьер кухни в стиле пэчворк

оригинальный дизайн интерьера кухни

красивый дизайн интерьера кухни

пэчворк дизайн интерьера кухни

яркий дизайн интерьера кухни

дизайн интерьера хуни

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