This is a store of fashion designer Phillip Lim made by British firm Campaign.


The brand’s flagship store is located in Manhattan, at Great Jones Street in historical district NoHo. This is the fourth project of the British design company made for Phillip Lim’s fashion brand.

The designers created an interior where expensive materials are used in combination with simpler and cheaper ones – plasterboard, plywood and MDF.


“The design of the flagship boutique brings together contradictory materials, mixing the luxurious with the humble in unexpected ways”

Tables and plinths, scattered around the premise with the area of 325 square meters, demonstrate womenswear and menswear of the brand as well as various lines of accessories. The bases of the plinths are made of expensive materials like onyx and marble and are covered with white artificial stone; the tables’ legs are of goldish metal.

“Plinths to display accessories make playful use of utilitarian materials with ordinary floor tiles stacked high, and interspersed with pieces of glass giving a glint of blue”

Separate items of cloths hang on goldish rails installed between white columns, which create a line in the center of the store. Pipesnear of the columns were painted white to organically blend it with the interior.

“Collections are displayed on bespoke designed fittings echoing the casual elegance of the brand”

Along the perimeter of the store there are additional rails with packs of large pastel canvases that rest upon the wall behind.


Foot stools and armchairs with bright and textured seats contrast with elegant wooden frames and white color of the interior.

Three huge stone steps located at the back wall of the store form the area for displaying shoes and accessories and run into the rounded wall made of white plywood.

To the right of these steps there is a changing rooms’ zone made in minimalist style – concrete floor, wooden furniture and white curtains.


Near the entrance of the store the concrete floor changes into blue marble and grey limestone tiles.

“Inlaid brass strips mark out the pattern and add a note of classical refinement”

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