Popular trends: geometric pattern in the interior

12 July 2015 |

When it comes to the interior design, always think about trends. Today geometric patterns are gaining great popularity. We see them literally everywhere – from TV-shows to the pages of popular magazines.


There is no reason to refuse using the elements of modern design. When they are applied considering peculiarities of a trend, this allows giving the dwelling its modern and extremely elegant appearance.

We’re going to tell you why this kind of patterns is popular today and how to use them in the interior.


The 70’s are back

Trends don’t exist in vacuum. If you’d look at modern visual design – art, fashion – you’ll see that all niches tend to use common popular trends.

Popularity is also cyclical. Today we see the styles from our childhood in fashionable magazines although interpreted in a fresh and modern format. The 70’s are actively coming back and this is seen on catwalks and in interiors.

To add your house a modern look with a splash of the 70’s choose a simpler and larger pattern that looks more exquisite, especially in combination with saturated colors.


Interesting visual effect

If you wish your home to look as though it had come out of a magazine, add something that will attract special attention. There is nothing so boring than to look at the space with wall-to-wall neutral painting.

Patterns are exactly what you need when you wish to add this kind of effect, especially the geometric ones. They help creating a space that corresponds with all the basic rules of the interior design and looks very modern at the same time.

There are several pattern selection rules that can help to perfectly blend it into interior. First of all, choose a pattern to match the overall color palette. Besides, one should be careful choosing a print size to match a premise dimentions. And, of course, always choose design you personally like.


Big starts from small

Correct interior design depends on your comprehension of what elements should play the dominant role and what elements should be auxiliary or accenting. And how you would cope with balancing of these elements in space.

A pattern should serve as an accent. It’s very uncomfortable to be in a room overloaded with patterns as your eyes have no place to rest. So focus on one-two designer’s elements that would look good with a pattern and emphasize it making it a central element of a space.

This is also important for those who have a restricted budget. Because a pattern, especially a geometric one, is the cheapest and quickest way to add visual effect to your room.


Endless applications

When you create the interior design, you should think about where pattern will be applied. Good news is that a geometric pattern can be placed everywhere you like.

The most common application of a geometric pattern is a wall décor and accents. For instance, throw some patterned cushions or put blankets on a sofa. Or buy stylish shades with nice pattern. If you like wall art, choose paintings with geometric figures.

If you wish to have something more expressive, apply print on the largest elements of your living space. For example, put a rug on the floor or bright patterned chairs to enliven a neutral interior.


In the world of interior design a geometric pattern is gaining great popularity. So, if you wish to renovate your dwelling – think about this trend.

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