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19 February 2016 |

If you’re a happy owner of a house with a covered terrace, it may become your favorite space. These terraces are filled with natural light all day long, open the best views to the surrounding landscape and are comfortable spaces to spend great time with family and friends.


In fact, a terrace or a conservatory came from a glazed porch that opened a splendid view to nature around.


Today glazed terraces are extremely popular both in new and old buildings all around the world. They are made in several styles. Often there are French doors leading to a veranda or a patio, as well as the vinyl, wooden or aluminium windows that occupy all the walls from the floor to the ceiling. Some of them even have the glass ceilings. Many terraces are used all year round – this type of conservatories are extensions of a house that enhance micro-climate in the building.


The terrace design can be both rich and minimalist – this depends on your preferences. You can use the elements like curtains, pillows and fireplaces. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and designer’s lamps also bring individuality, functionality and charm.


We offer some tips to create ideal design of the covered terrace.




As we said above, a covered terrace is the extension of your house so it is important to choose color palette and accents for its interior. Try using pillows and accessories of the colors connected with shades used in your house.


Choose neutral color as the basis. Grey and blue are great colors to start with. They are perfectly combined with bright bold colors in spring and summer, and can be diluted with warm shades in winter.




When it comes to the terrace design, many designers offer furniture and accessories that look like interior items. We recommend leaving plastic and wicker furniture for outdoor spaces.


A conservatory is a great place to put comfortable furniture upholstered in various interior textile like velvet, chenille and leather.




Many homeowners don’t want to use their terraces in autumn and winter. It isn’t fair as these terraces can be transformed into wonderful cinema halls and reading nooks during cold months of the year. You can always bring a transportable electrical heater or a fireplace, or put some warm decorative coverlets to add some warmness to the space.



Traditionally the flooring of the terrace is made of concrete, brick, wood or tiles. Rugs add texture and help setting the area’s limits. Intricate finishes like mosaics and complex patterns should better be used for any other purposes.



There is huge variety of plants and flowers that take root in a conservatory. They naturally filter the air and bring a bit of nature to the interior. The most popular plants to be used on terrace are begonias and African violets that don’t require much care and please the eyes with their beauty from year to year.


Tender lilies are also great for your terrace. They have long stems, they can be used to fill empty corners and they balance large elements of the design.


Your glazed terrace can become a peaceful and happy place for you, your family and friends, as well as your pets and house plants. Just choose your style and make your dream come true.

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