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Ten years ago influential lawyer and Renaissance history aficionado Michael L Cioffi from Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) celebrated his 50th anniversary with his whole family at the rented villa in the green hills of the Val D’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy.


Cioffi was impressed by mix of antiquity and modernity – including landscape – so much that he bought an abandoned old villa nearby and hired Intalian designer Ilaria Miani to do a luxury hotel of it.

Today Michael Cioffi is the owner of a boutique hotel Monteverdi, three rental villas of 13-16th centuries, an art-gallery, a chapel and a spa. He conducts Terra Di Siena music festival here as well.

As Cioffi says, he rather wishes to create his own Renaissance movement of the 21st century than to make a profit.


The hotel occupies several buildings of the 16th century. The Val D’Orcia region is a UNESCO World Heritage site, that’s why it’s forbidden to do any extrenal reconstructions here.


Miani managed to turn the former 30-roomed pension into the hotel with ten rooms and suites each with unique design. This Vergilius Room has two beds on wheels that can be joined and moved apart. The room is combined with the adjacent one forming a comfortable family suite.


Custom-made lighting devices – Miani’s reply to castle torches.


Cioffi admires luxury bathrooms. He ordered Miani to do them different, and that each of it would face the striking surrounding environment. In a bathroom of Sant’Andrea suite we’d like to note a stone sink made of original material as well as hanging shelf and accessories. The toiletries are produced of ingredients by a small farm La Saponaria.


The central elements of Il Pozzo Suite is this copper bathtube of the 18th century standing under original wooden beams.


La Pieve Suite design was inspired by Tuscan farmhouses. It includes a wonderful fireplace and a king-size bed.


Del Bosco suite was designed to create the feeling of “walking in the forest”. All the bed-linen in the hotel and at the villas is manufactured by respected Italian company C&C Milano.


Val D’Orcia Suite is ready for a honey-moon – it offers adjoining plan and a bathtube for two.


Owing to the stone walls, the hotel restaurant Oreade has the underground atmopshere, although the premise is on the first floor.


A shadowed terrace is the extension of the wine bar.


The yard side includes the garden with a terrace.


There is also an infinity-pool.


As we said before, there are three villas with 2-6 bedrooms. Each of them has its own terrace and an outdoor leisure area.


The Muri Antichi villa includes six bedrooms and a library made in pale greens with preservation of original arched doorways.


The smallest San Pietro villa has a compact kitchen. By the way, they conduct cooking master-classes here as well.


This is one of two San Pietro’s bedrooms.

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