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It happens when you want to do something new with your patio design. Something fresh and modern.

A modern patio is a wonderful way to bring a stylish accent for those who relax and lounge in your company. From clean smooth lines to a refined color palette – refreshing your patio can become a real adventure for you.


So if you wish to bring some modern feеl to your patio, here are a few tips.

Modern furniture


Furniture for patio by CabanaCoast

The fastest and most effective way to get modern style for a patio is to use furniture that brings such design aspects. Select modern furniture sets with clean lines and angular shapes. Using square and rectangular pieces – a coffee table, chairs and side tables – can truly make design of your patio immediately feel modern.




The colors are the key to any good modern styled design. Modern design means minimalism, without many colors. So if your patio is colorful, just simplify the palette: this is the quickest way to bring modern direction to the design. Use black, white, grey and other neutral colors. If you replace colored cushions by white and motley furniture by black, you create a modern combination, streamlined and clean.

Ideas for lighting


To bring modern style to your patio change out your patio lighting. When considering new lighting, look for simple and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Clean lines, metallic, wrought iron lights, modular-shaped standalones and glass lights can turn you patio into an exquisite and cozy space with bright modern design.



Some people often don’t pay enough attention to the modern plants and their containers. Plants with their planters can be used as design pieces to bring modern style to any space your wish. Use not too complicated or bright plants. They must be pleasant to the eye but simultaneously not too eye-catching. The planters must be minimalistic as well. Terracotta or tin containers can really provide the modern factor to your patio.



Floors are also often not considered properly. But if you wish to refresh your patio, update floors and this will turn the space into a clean modern style. If you simplify floors with a neutral color, you will bring classic modern feel.

Refreshing your patio is not a hard task to do. Just simplify the space, trying to stay away from many colors, and using proper accessories. No matter whether you are starting a new patio design or refreshing an older one, updating floors, changing the lighting and colors, or planting some modern flowers and trees can refresh any patio.

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