This conceptual restaurant covered in a patchwork of textiles is the final instalment in Polish designer Karina Wiciak’s series of fantasy interiors.

Conceptual restaurant

Conceptual restaurant

Karina Wiciak of Polish studio Wamhouse designed the twelfth and final imaginary restaurant in her XII collection to look like it’s been made from discarded material.

Titled Szmaciarnia, which means “rag-house” in Polish, the interior employs patches of leftover fabric stitched together haphazardly to form surfaces.

Conceptual restaurant

These grey, blue and beige materials cover walls, ceilings and the restaurant’s bar.

Szmaciarnia is not a tribute to the idea of recycling, but proof that the elegant interior may not just be created with popular glass or metal


The rough texture of the fabric does not need to be associated with cheapness and mediocrity, and the possibilities of its application are still endless

Fabric is also draped over a reception desk and small swatches are used to form lampshades. The remaining surfaces are coloured white to provide a contrast.


Furniture like cgairs and stools first appear to be made from marble, but on closer inspection the veins in the material turn out to be stitched seams.

Other designs in the collection are inspired by a slaughterhouse, a sewing room and an artist’s studio.

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