18 October 2014 |

The interior design of a flat in Swedish Malmo first of all is distinguished by color purity and large airy rooms.


The owners of this flat decided to gamble on truly Scandinavian design, where there is no place for bare details and overloading, having bravely combined it with some other interior solutions.

Furnishing in the living-room and bedroom is quite simple but is diluted by modern designer’s chairs, which call up with compact black and white paintings and photos on the walls. The corner fireplace serves not only as an aesthetic detail – it is perfectly functional, heating the room during cold winter days.


The room’s flooring is covered by fabricated wood blocks of oak color. The doors are painted by milk-white color and decorated with panels of the same color. Together with an elegant ceiling rose that was designed in a classic style, the entire interior of this wonderful living-room represents the real and inspiring example of blending traditional classic and modern style elements. A stream of fresh air into the interior is provided by lighting fixtures of simple forms — they are classic and modern being perfectly matching each other and the whole room. There are also some pendent bras, which are fixed on the classic whiten ceiling decorated with moldings.

Like in many modern Scandinavian flats, large windows are decorated not with curtains but with roll blinds.


A tracery white staircase leads down, to the guest room, where you can see a part of the wall with brickworks and the floor covered by expanded-clay slabs. The furniture both here and in the ground-floor room is distinguished by simplicity of forms and is combined with lamps of original shape, vases and a designer’s chair.
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