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Scandinavian designers have embodied their vision of a home-like atmosphere in their home’s interiors. So, what are the features of Scandinavian style?



The rooms are pierced by clear and simple lines; they don’t have any useful or too luxurious elements. White color in the interior is the dominating. It makes the interior more airy and brighter. Owing to their geographical location, the Scandinavian countries receive less sunlight. This shortage is compensated with the help of many chandeliers and lamps. The windows have no curtains for the same reason – nothing must prevent external light penetration.



The house’s designing provides a wide viewing angle; the rooms are not restricted by many different barriers. The house is divided into several functional zones. Wood is the main material used by Northern people for construction of their houses. Floor and the door made of solid wood and painted white are environmentally friendly and firm but have no frill. Wood underlines a strict conservative interior style.



National ornamental patterns hang above the bed in the bedroom. In the evening the owners close the window with a curtain with flower patterns, which echoes the shade of a plaid. The cozy bras, which create additional illumination in the dusk, bring soft and warm light. The bedroom furniture is represented by bedside tables and the bed itself. Nothing unnecessary and bulky. Functional and handy shelves and cabinets hold many things and guarantee order in the house. Traditional rugs, cushions with Scandinavian elements, stylish picture with large colored squares hanging on the wall look very harmonically together. Bright blue bedspread with fringe looks wonderful against the white background.



The kitchen is distinguished by usability, conservatism and abundance of light. We can see a cold color pallet; white color is supplemented by steel. All things are strictly on their places — very handy and rational. Also, Scandinavian homes have much living greenery.



The bathroom includes a shower cabin and spacious cabinets. All rooms are decorated with simple and useful things: wicker baskets, small knitted rugs with traditional squares or colored strips.



The general effect of the interior of this house is lightness and naturalness, abundance of light and openness. This is quite unusual and fresh view to the interior of a modern house.

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