Scandinavian interior of an apartment in Norway

20 February 2016 |

A Norway-based photographer demonstrated how to make an apartment Scandinavian interior bright, expressive and joyful.

As a child, Benedicte Thomassen was a photography fiend. Recently she’s got a new passion – the interior design. Two years ago Benedicte moved to a new house with her husband, two dogs and a cat. The whole interior she made by herself.

This wooden townhouse is situated on a narrow street of small Skien city in Norway. The house was built in 1887 and the couple wanted to preserve the old spirit.

скандинавский дизайн интерьера фото

дизайн интерьера скандинавский стиль фото

дизайн интерьера скандинавский стиль

Before starting to finish the rooms, Benedicte tried to preserve as much authentic elements as she could. She restored the windows, the kitchen wall, a staircase leading to the second level featuring two bedrooms and a water closet and the wooden flooring in a living room.

Benedicte decided to choose Scandinavian style which is a widespread style in Nothern Europe. It is characterized by light rooms, white color, natural materials, minimum of decor and dark contrasts.

A photorgrapher selected white as the basic color and added shades of grey, yellow and pink. Contrasting black presents in each room – on the rug in the living room, the extravagant black wall and textile.

Benedicte made each corner of her dwelling functional. Even a nook under the stairs was transformed into a cozy working area.

дизайн скандинавский стиль

скандинавский дизайн фото

скандинавский дизайн интерьера

As the owner both resides and works in the house, she paid proper attention to natural illumination. There are no heavy portieres on the windows – only light curtains embellish the doorways in the living room. White walls and ceiling bring effect of airiness and volume.

Scandinavian interior of the apartment is underlined with wooden surfaces – the flooring, the walls covered with deal boards, staircase railing and furniture.

The only deviation from classic Scandinavian interior design is the abundance of decor elements – bright details, joyful animal prints, cups, figurines, boxes, frames and books.

скандинавский дизайн

дизайн скандинавский стиль фото

скандинавский интерьер фото

скандинавский интерьер квартиры фото

скандинавский интерьер квартиры

скандинавский интерьер

скандинавский стиль дизайн фото

скандинавский стиль дизайн

скандинавский стиль интерьер фото

скандинавский стиль интерьер


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