How to add Scandinavian style to the interior: 8 tips

7 October 2015 |

Scandinavian design is calm, cleanness, simplicity and functionality. This style appeared in 1950 and in 1990 experienced the second wave of popularity.

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that includes Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes. These countries offer much inspiration for design and decor of your home. Here are several tips about how to add Scandinavian style to your interior.

1. Colors


The main colors of Scandinavian style are neutral: white and beige. However lately designers more and more often dilute this whiteness with other shades – black, grey, and yellow.

2. Furniture


Furniture in Scandinavian style is simple and elegant. Scandinavian design includes much wood that is the main used material. From bedroom to kitchen – wood is used literally everywhere in furniture: chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, and dressers.

Furniture design is usually refined, without mannered decorative elements. Furniture also has to be of bright shades to reflect more light. Pay attention to such types of elements like, for instance, a sofa in wooden frame with white or grey cusions or a simple light wooden table.

3. Lighting


Lighting is a very important factor in Scandinavian interior. Scandinavians live in darkness many months so sunlight and fresh air are very desired decor elements. Use minimalistic curtains, in bright shades and light textile. To illuminate outdoor area use several light sources instead of one. Place floor and table lamps in different parts of the room to add various levels to the space.

4. Floor


Choose rough light wood boards for flooring – they bring authentic Scandinavian character to any space. Paint the floor white and add accents with the help of stencil. Rug with flower and strip pattern will help dilute this strictness adding warmth to the floor of your home.

5. Walls


To add interesting texture to the walls use traditional objects and elements with Norwegian landscapes. They perfectly cope with their task adding Scandinavian style to your decor. Besides, they reproduce calmness, clearness and freshness of these countries. Scandinavians are famous for their knitted woolen decor elements. You can hang up a knitted drapery with Scandinavian motifs on the wall or throw knitted cusions with traditional pattern. Also seek regional decor elements that are peculiar to a definite country.

6. Textile


Traditionally the Scandinavian textile is a simple cotton, often with light motifs. To reach authentic Scandinavian style use stripped cotton fabric – with white and red or white and blue strips.

7. Images of nature


Decorate the walls with framed photographs featuring mysterious lava fields, Norwegian fjords or Iceland waterfalls. Hang beautiful photos of animals – wonderful Finnish reindeers or Norwegian narwhals. Use wooden frames in rustic style to complete your Scandinavian theme.

8. Accessories


Hand mirrors around the whole house. They reflect light and produce flickering effect. Some simple wreaths in boxes or twigs can be hung on bright ribbons toon your windows. Shades or screens with flower pattern will add elegance to your Scandinavian interior.

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