Small apartment rework: design-project

17 June 2016 |

Design of this two-room apartment is a bright example of how to turn a small dwelling into a cozy minimalist space for a family of four.

The area of the apartment makes up 44,7 sq.m. The owners are a young couple with two kids. They wished to get functional, comfortable and cozy space with a lounge zone, a dining area and a full-fledged kids’ room.

Designers demolished internal partition walls and joined the areas of kitchen and living room together. Sliding doors helped to save the useful space.

White surfaces create volume; grey and black add some accents to the interior.

дизайн двухкомнатной хрущевки фото

двухкомнатная хрущевка интерьер фото

двухкомнатная хрущевка дизайн фото

The plan is a rectangle that considerably facilitated performing of the designers’ task. They made a spacious dressing-room in the living area as the family of four has much cloths to store.

The central area of the apartment is the living one. It also serves as a parents’ bedroom. A large sofa is used for sleeping and sitting.

A dark-wood dining-set containing of a table and four chairs perfectly harmonizes with cushions color. Cabinet furniture was produced by the designers’ sketches.

A kitchen area is made in minimalist style. Kitchen cabinets with white fronts merge with the walls enlarging the space visually.

двухкомнатная хрущевка интерьер

A kids’ room is also minimalist but has bright ochre accents. The wall opposite to the window features the built-in cabinet with a folding bed.

A working place is equipped with comfortable armchair where the kids do their lessons and play electric piano. The convertible bed is custom-made.

дизайн интерьера двухкомнатной хрущевки фото

Design of a water-closet completely differs from the rest of the apartment. The walls are covered by tiles in a variety of sizes and three different shades.

дизайн двухкомнатной хрущевки

дизайн интерьера двухкомнатной хрущевки

интерьер двухкомнатной хрущевки

интерьер двухкомнатной хрущевки фото

двухкомнатная хрущевка дизайн

двухкомнатная хрущевка дизайн фото

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