Small bathroom design ideas

Small bathrooms seem to be difficult to design. However there are ways to do a clever design in these spaces.

Every home needs a functional and storage-friendly bathroom. We spend much time in our bathrooms, so you should consider every design element to create a true sanctuary.

smallbath01 Add storage

Don’t use large furniture in a small bathroom. Install open shelving to showcase textured and colorful towels. This design trick immediately adds warmth and playfulness to your bathroom and allows refusing large and bulky pieces of furniture.

  • To make fashionable design, use floating shelves to add storage
  • To add some personality use colorful storage ladders and store containers
  • To add flare use sink skirts that are wonderful for hiding cleaning products
  • Stack wooden crates, drill them into the wall or place on the floor to add more storage



Functionality is extremely important for small bathrooms. Small spaces are easily cluttered so consider adding functional design elements. Don’t use many useless décor elements.

  • Keep Q-tips in glass jars and cotton balls on floating shelves
  • Put baskets under the sink
  • Don’t overcrowd the counter and display only a few personal products there
  • Add stackable hampers under the cabinets and above dryer and washer units


Color palette

Before starting to paint your bathroom, carefully plan the color palette. If you have a small bathroom, don’t use dark colors because they make small spaces even smaller. Consider neutral colors that will create calm and aesthetically pleasing feeling in the room.

  • Neutral color palette should be used for the base theme
  • Use pattern and textures of neutral shades to add depth and creativity
  • To add the classic feeling of cleanliness, use white


Pops of color

It’s good to add pops of bright color in a small bathroom by putting colorful towels, using vibrant tiles, hanging robes or placing rugs. This will create individual flair and ambiance.

  • Hang colorful robes and towels
  • To add light designer touch out stylish towels and bright colored soap dishes
  • Use a colored mirror frame as an accent to match the entire style of your bathroom
  • A simple and fashionable was to add glamour and originality use custom towels


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