Small bedroom design: examples and tips

16 June 2016 |

How to make a small bedroom cozy, comfortable and stylish? Very often even large dwellings have little space for sleeping areas. Read our examples of small bedroom designs.

When developing a bedroom design project, first of all one should think about how to enlarge it visually. You don’t need to demolish the walls, partitions and join your bedroom to a balcony.

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To provide additional volume, use unusual layout of parquet or laminated plastic. Lay the boards angularly – this will allow moving the walls apart visually.

The best color for the walls and the ceiling in a small bedroom is white. Bright furniture, decor elements and textile will help avoiding coolness of the interior. V-shaped patterns perfectly enlarge the space as well.

Starting to consider a narrow bedroom design, first of all remember about proper zoning: where to place bed, clothes press, TV set and working table.

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дизайн маленькой спальни

Of course, a small bedroom can’t house much furniture. It isn’t worth to obstruct a small space with bulky items. Built-in furniture is a great solution. The fronts should be light, and best of all – glossy or mirror. They will also add some light and spaciousness.

Bed shouldn’t stand on high fanciful legs. Often modern interiors feature a mattress lying on the floor.

спальня маленькая дизайн

дизайн проект спален

A perfect idea for a tiny bedroom is a bed standing with its head to the window. Use thick curtains to prevent bright light coming inside.

Сonvertible furniture is another great solution for a small bedroom. Modern furniture plants produce beds turning into dressers and other interesting items.

An important detail when laying out a narrow room is storage. Purchase a bed with spacious linen cabinets or sliding sections. A cloths locker can be used as a partition wall, separating a working place from the sleeping one.

дизайн узкой спальни

дизайн спален

Cabinet custom-made furniture is a great solution as well. It will save space, provide much storage and won’t overload the room.

Choose narrow shelves, dressers and bedside-tables. Don’t forget about entresols that are great for storing things you use rarely. But this solution is good only for bedrooms with high ceilings.

дизайн спальни современный

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To make a working place in a small bedroom, use window-sills, a cabinet or a small countertop. You don’t have to use special computer table that may fall from the common stylistics. An ideal solution is when a working place is not visible from the bed as a computer won’t let you relax properly.

A narrow bedroom design should be tidy and laconic. Choose a couple of bright accents like coverlets, cushions or rugs. And note that linen and textile should have small patterns.

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