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We invite you to take a little trip to the beach movie house. This amazing house is from one of the best movies, Something’s Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson, Diane Kiton, Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peetstarring.

Do you remember this wonderful living room from the movie house?



So, let’s take a tour of this house!


Like Beth Rubino, who was the Set Decorator for the movie, said that this house was the 5th main character in the film. And this is not surprising. After the release of the movie thousands of people called Rubino as they wanted their homes to be decorated like this.

We receive the first look at the house when Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) and Marin Barry (Amanda Peet) come there to have a romantic weekend. Marin thinks that her mom Erica Barry (Diane Keaton) is not at home. But Erica comes just they arrive and the fun starts.

The house is located in Southampton,NY. And there is one secret about it…

It turned out that the exterior that was shown in the movie was the only real. All those stunning interiors are simple set designs created on a stage at Sony Studios. Just imagine – even the leaves on the trees are not real! Because it was May and the trees hadn’t leaves yet in that area.


But that’s doesn’t matter because the interiors are completely amazing, inspiring and adorable! This is a view of this house at night. Lovely, huh?


Another exterior before we come inside the house.


Let’s start our tour inside. So many people liked this room.


One of the reasons people love the room so much is because it brings real home feeling. The slipcovers give the room the casual and beachy feel, and the whole room has an atmosphere of elegance.


Another thing that catch the eye and that is most remembered element, is that striped white and blue dhurrie rug.


That’s the story over this rug: when Beth Rubino found the rug, it was real huge – over70 feetlong. She had to cut it and piece together to fit the room in the film.

So, you know now why the stripes on the rug don’t match up on the picture below. Another thing about it is that it was an antique rug. Just imagine – cutting up an antique piece! But we all know that Set Decorator has to do whatever it takes to keep the deadline when doing the job.


So, if you wish to have your own white and blue striped rug, there are a lot of them in the Internet. Here, for example, five types of it we found at Cottage and Bungalow. They have striped rugs in every color, not just white and blue.


Another nice thing in this room is the Swedish, Mora clock. Look at this wonderful shape!


A view of the room during a big storm in the movie.


In this scene Erica and Harry meet in the family room halfway to the kitchen to have a late night snack. Romantic begins!


A small lovely reading area in the corner of the family room. You can see a beautiful wooden card table and a couple of rattan chairs for a board game.


Another room designers were most requested to copy was the kitchen.


These beautiful soapstone counters are actually plywood painted to look like expensive soapstone.



The kitchen is cheerful and bright with lovely glass-front cabinets.


Another section of the kitchen. Look at the classic, crisp and clean subway tile.


A view from the kitchen to the small sitting area.


The third most talked about room in the film is the dining room. Beth Rubino said she found inspiration for it from her friend’s wall filled with a dish collection in her dining room. So, Beth copied it for the film and filled it with a nice collection of ironstone.


Look at this gorgeous fabric on the chairs. It is called Bordeaux Toile and is made by Lee Jofa.


The contrasts are nice. The light against the dark, the casual against the elegant. You see also see the elegant furniture and built in china cabinets.


This porch in the movie was just a set.


A nice “behind the scenes” shot.


Erica’s bedroom is as comfortable and soothing as the rest of her house. The huge bay overlooking the ocean is amazing. Would you ever get any work done sitting in this spot?


The same room at night.


This is the place where Erica writes. Lovely desk and the built-in bookshelves.


Harry comes by her room for a chat. Note the accent table with the decorative apron that adds a drop of whimsy to the room.


Beth styled the mantel with the paintings that just lean against the wall. They look like being hung perfectly on the wall.


The guest room where Harry has been staying. The paneled walls are nice.


Do you like the exterior?


The house feels like a vacation home where we can get away. The great movie house!

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