Stunning house in a former railway station

4 September 2015 |

This is a former railway station building constructed in 1867 that was turned into a wonderful residence. The house is located in Santpoort village in Holland.

The entire building is infused through by large volume made of cortensteel that is usually used in shipbuilding, industrial and civil engineering as a constructive and decorative material. The outhouse on both sides has clean expressive lines and huge bay windows that reveal gorgeous view to the surrounding green woods.


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The outhouse is harmonically blend with the old walls splaying out and providing a totally new perspective of the landscape. On one side the old building remained almost untouched.






Architects removed the remains of numerous renovations having left a clean and authentic brick cottage. This old part provides privacy and simultaneously connects all adjacent opened spaces.There is a long steep staircase leading from the center of the house and connecting all floors. In its eastern part the outhouse adjoins the entrance and the living area. The basement includes the sleeping zone with the bathroom. In its southern part the outhouse becomes narrow and long, forming an intimate closed patio.






On western part the volume widens – here it includes the dining area connected with the kitchen in the old building. There is an interesting connection between external and internal zones: the external part of the house is the interior of the dining area, and the patio rather looks like the inner space. Old and new elements complement each other in a most unexpected way. Rough materials are ideally blend with a soft atmosphere of the old house, and this harmony continues in the interior.





The interior is truly amazing: classic in combination with old found elements, a Persian rug on the rough concrete floor, a surfboard near the dining table and a series of wonderful plants placed throughout the house. Besides, one should note an outstanding collection of art works that bring special and unique atmosphere to the whole residence.

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