Stylish one-room apartment from the old stable

12 June 2016 |

Paris designers continue to please us with bold and ambitious projects. This time they made a cozy and stylish one-room apartment from the 400-year-old stable.

This studio apartment is located in France, on the ground floor of the Paris mansion. This level of the house was used as a stable since the 1600’s. Then the premises were left abandoned and unowned for a long time until two years ago they were bought and turned into a living space.

The author of the design project is a French architect Anne Rolland. She decided not to change the layout of the apartment. Anne’s idea was to save the spirit of antiquity. Repair lasted a little less than a year, from 2013 to 2014, and cost over 70 000 €.

When the premises were cleaned out, the builders discovered a pit for animal waste collection. Its walls were finished with gorgeous brickwork. And despite the function of the room, it was included into the plan of the future flat that allowed adding 10 square meters to the total area.

однокомнатная квартира дизайн ремонт

The ground floor includes one room and a bathroom. Due to the fact that the walls were not moved, the bathroom has a spacious correct rectangular shape. The room is finished with warm terracotta shades. The architect decided to leave the bathroom without a bathtub and provided the room with a functional shower cabin.

A sleeping area is separated from the kitchen by the plywood construction featuring storage system and a cabinet. Thus the recreation zone turned private and cozy.

A kitchen, like the whole apartment, is decorated in minimalist style. The glass backsplash of nice orange shade is a bright accent of this room and the original lighting system adds individuality to the space.

однокомнатная квартира интерьер

Anne Rolland used effective techniques of small living spaces design. First, she chose one type of flooring for the entire area of apartment. It united all rooms and visually added the volume to it. Ceramic tiles with a complicated geometric pattern catches the eye and conceals the narrowness of the space. The second trick is white monochrome wall painting that moved the walls of this extraordinary apartment apart.

спальня в однокомнатной квартире

однокомнатная квартира дизайн интерьера

красивая однокомнатная квартира

интерьере однокомнатная квартира

дизайн однокомнатная квартира дизайн

однокомнатная квартира дизайн интерьера

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