Super-modern house in Spain by El Refugio Inteligente

The owners of this small house is a married couple that approached the period when people start appreciating the time spent with family and friends and enjoy outdoor living with them.

Many years the couple was dreaming about their little shelter in Castelló – the eastern provence in Spain that is a part of autonomous community Valencia. Their dream has finally came true.


To build the house the owners used prefabricated wooden modules that allowed making external construction even and clean insuring the highest comfort and energy effectiveness.


The dwelling can be called true shelter – the place to leisure with friends and family and enjoy surrounding nature, as well as the modern house that is easily and automatically controlled from a mobile device.



Southern and south-eastern orientation of the house insures thermal comfort in winter period and abundance of sunscreens guarantees comfort living in hot summer days.



Architecture stands out by its simplicity as well as a metal frame that marks built-up areas and provides proper level of design. The area is marked out to consider all habits and customs of the residents, with maximum accessibility and opened zones to reveal splendid views. Various extensions like a pool, a barbecue zone, a toilet and a stock are completely correspond with the main structure and offer a series of options for entertainment, relaxation and rest.



The construction was developed using two prefabricated wooden modules and a metal frame that allows positioning the house correctly against the landscape.


One of the modules is used for facilities and accomodates all necessary equipment, a bathroom and a kitchen. The second one is a residential space that opens to the terrace and can be used for any purpose.


Application of the local wood and insulating materials allows reducing CO2 emissions. All materials were properly considered and the obtained data show that the house is eco-friendly. Passive cooling, LED lights and dual ventilation system reduce power inputs and guarantee thermal comfort.


Automatic equipment and application of radio controlled light spots dramatically reduce necessity of laying kilometers of cables, as well as allow real-time controlling and informing of the process of using the house from the owners’ mobile devices.

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