Our traditional top-10. This time it is devoted to the best ideas for traditional design of one of the most important rooms in any house – bedroom.

White and blue strips

Add some blue and white country-house freshness to your bedroom. Combine tissue stripped wallpapers with wooden and crocheted pieces of country-style furniture… Then add stripped bed linen and several floral patterns to soften the whole interior.


Black accents in a neutral bedroom

Bring some character to your neutral bedroom with the help of black accents. Begin with a black bedspread and cushions with black edges that will allow standing out your bed. Add two black bedside tables on either side of the bed to create symmetry and make your bed the central elements of the room.


Marine-style bedroom

Bring your bedroom a special atmosphere with the help of marine thematic. Use mural to stand out the main wall, and then add a wooden bed with checkered bed linen and cotton cushions in blue shades. Complete the interior by using trunks wit leather ties and mirrors-illuminators.


Bold floral bedroom

You can add contemporary character to your bedroom by using bold wall floral patterns. Use bed linen of proper color and try not to overload the rest of the room: metal bedstead, metal bedside tables and leather trunks.


Elegant bedroom in pale jade palette

If you wish to bring a sense of calmness to your bedroom, use this wonderful pale jade color palette. These shades are perfectly combined with embroidered fabrics, carved wooden furniture and exotic patterns. Cover the bed with Chinese ornament bedspread and put embroidered cushions.


Exotic bedroom in teal-blue palette

Such pleasant teal blue palette includes universal reviving shades, which will immediately transform your bedroom. Begin with an intensive shade as a background, and then soften the whole interior by dark wooden flooring. Bring an exotic note using exquisite mother-of-pearl details, floral and animal patterns and hot pink accents.


Traditional country-style bedroom

You can make your bedroom really country-looking with the help of special decorative elements. The main focus of this interior is a traditional style with handmade furniture, vintage quilted blankets and great variety of family treasures. Add some luxury using tulle wallpapers and stripped bed linen.


White and blue bedroom in a coastal style

Enjoy constant yearly holiday atmosphere in your bedroom decorated in a coastal style. Start with white walls, then place wooden furniture and natural décor elements. Add stripped bed linen, weathered bedside tables and scrappy bedspread. It will be great to make a shelf above the bed where you can place some nice photos, starfishes and sea shells.


Romantic bedroom

French country style can bring some romance to your bedroom. Follow muted shades palette – lavender, pale pink, blue or mint for the walls, bed linen and accessories. You can add a vintage note using stacks of washed linen and laces. Paper decorations made of napkins will complete the interior.


“Blue ocean” bedroom

Bring truly summer atmosphere to your bedroom with the help of blue and coral palette inspired by the ocean. Begin from painting walls in deep blue color, and then add some hot coral fabrics and accessories to make your interior softer. Balance the palette by using white furniture and soft décor details.


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