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Your house is your castle. This doesn’t mean you need to place large knights’ statutes but there are several things each house must have.

From a high quality sofa to the curtains – it is time to think about things your house is lack of. And it doesn’t matter what your budget is, as the following ten things are available for everybody.

1) High quality mattress 


The bed you sleep in is the most important thing in your home. Take some time to test several mattresses and find that one your body will feel perfect on. Choose mattresses with foam remembering fillers or models with temperature control. As bed is a place you take rest after a long working day.

2. Artworks


Artwork in your home is a necessary thing but often there are problems for people to choose the right one. Don’t be complicated – choose pieces for yourself, your character and mood. This doesn’t have to be very expensive item but it has to stress your individuality.

Art stays with you forever, brings memories and emotions. Give your time to find a truly your thing and think about a place you’re going to put it.

3. Plants


Plants are necessary in any house. There are several kinds of house plants that don’t need too much care. Plants don’t only improve the quality of air but also bring more homely atmosphere that is especially good for rented apartments.

Designers offer using long plants like dracaena that can rich 3 meters high and become the central element of any room.

4. One trendy thing


Trends are integral parts of style and fashion and the interior design is not an exception. Though nobody forces you to buy super-expensive trendy orange fridge, you absolutely need to have at least one fashionable thing.

You can add a drop of color into your monochrome living-room using a plush round ottoman of bright color. This will allow you getting a trendy thing without large expenses. Put the bar stools to your kitchen island or hang stylish and modern painting on the wall. These things make your home looking really comfortable and at the same time can be moved to another place any time you need to.

5. Windows treatment


No matter that you adore the bright sun shining directly into the huge windows – there are moments when closed curtains are exactly what you need. So pay attention to the windows treatment.

The curtains provide privacy, additional isolation and light control. In addition, curtains and blinds are full-fledged décor elements for your house.

6. Candles and accessories


Candles always look great – from a simple breakfast with a cup of tea and a sandwich to a gorgeous family dinner.

Candles have natural ability to bring the feeling of calmness and make each meal special. Warm blinking candle will turn any day into something magical attracting all attention to the table and the meal. If you have kids, use electronic candles: they also blink well and bring the same warm feelings. And don’t forget to combine them with other accessories – vases, decorative trays, books and paintings.

7. Black elements 


Like each woman wants to have a small black dress in her wardrobe, each house needs black décor elements. Black is the classics that won’t ever go out of fashion and that fit completely everything.

Black elements can stress other shades in the room, bringing clearness and delicacy. No too much black – just several bold accents. This can be whatever you like: one of the walls, a painted area on the ceiling, large vase or a rug. The main thing is not to go too far – one-two elements will be good.

8. A bookshelf


A bookshelf is not a simple shelf – it brings endless design opportunities. But the main thing is to keep it organized and considered. This is a perfect place for favorite books, your personal collections, family photos and all that was changing with you year by year.

Don’t put all the books on one shelf. Alternate them with decorative elements that will increase an aesthetic appeal and reveal your personality.

9. A personal touch


Your home’s design is the reflection of yourself. That’s why it is important to have something special that really reveals your individuality. This can be a collection of favorite things from your childhood, travels or your family’s history. No matter what it is going to be – the principle point is that these things are special for you.

10. Quiet secluded place


Life is a constant stress. Hard work and domestic problems bring strong pressure and sometimes it looks like this day will never end. That’s why each house must have a secluded place for relax. The place where you can peacefully revise the past day and think about tomorrow. Bathroom is perfect for such comfortable nook. Bring candles and colored lamps to make the end of a hard day pleasant and relaxing.

So, it is time to switch on your imagination and creativity. You can do many of the above described things with the things you already have. For instance, to add black elements just paint one wall or spray black paint on a large vase in the living-room. Or turn a cluttered shelf into an organized bookshelf with books and photos that previously were getting dusty on the attic.

Think about how to get necessary things that will emphasize your individuality, add a personal touch and make your house quite, calm and placatory place.

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