This is a top-24 of the coolest bars from all over the world to taste a delicious drink, and enjoy splendid views and first-class service.

1 | Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik, Island  


The Laundromat Café is a crazy blend of café, bar and library so if you wish to have all these in one – this is what you need.

2 | Monkey Bar, Berlin, Germany



The Monkey Bar is located close by the Berlin Zoological Garndes so this means that you’ll have a chance to see real monkey with your own eyes.

3 | Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

516 617

The Joben Bistro is a special bar that takes you to the past by its steampank design. The blend of brass, copper and fluorescent lighting creates the atmosphere so good to have fun with friends.

4 | Northern Lights Bar, Island

715 816

This bar was built in a hilly steppe, offering its guests to enjoy truly amazing view of the surroundings. Huge windows open the field to watch northern light and frozen lava hills covered with moss.

5 | Clinic Bar, Singapore

1017 1120

This eccentric bar with medical-themed design meets its guests with wheelchairs and cocktails in medical sacks with catheters. Strange house is one of the most popular in Singapore.

6 | Bab-al-shams, Dubai


This bar located of the roof transforms during sunset. The guests can enjoy marvelous views against the endless Arabian Desert.

7 | White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia 


Moscow is an incredible city with rich history and architecture. The White Rabbit offers the best views of the shining megacity along with wonderful international cuisine.

8 | Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

1512 1611

The distinctive design of this bar is made for you to hear live music from the main scene wherever you sit.

9 | Club 33, Disneyland, California


Club 33 is a private club on the territory of the New Olean’s Disneyland with a large waiting list of those who wish to become its members. The club is the only place with alcohol in the park, and its members have exclusive access to some entertainments of the park.

10 | Sky Bar, Bangkok


The Sky Bar is located on State Tower, on the level of 63-d floor above busy streets of Bangkok. It is so good to taste a cocktail observing the sea of fire far below.

11 | Sunland Pub, South Africa 

2113 2210

Baobab trees of South Africa are famous all over the world for their huge dimensions. There is a small bar on one of these baobabs. The pub was opened in 1933 and can serve only 15 persons at a time.

12 | Ice Bar, Quebec, Canada 

246 2310

This icy bar melts each summer and is built again each winter. From January till March this ice kingdom invites the guests to taste icy cocktails and sit under the warm blankets.

13 | Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar, China


Tiger Leaping Gorge is a marvelous canyon that is the world heritage. There is a bar in this gorge, on the edge of a cliff that offers possibly the most incredible views on the Planet.

14 | Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


The Safe House is a bar with a spy-themed design, behind secret red doors without any marks. To enter the bar you need a password and then you get to the real alcohol heaven.

15 | H.R. Giger Alien Bar, Gruyère, Switzerland


The design of the Giger Bar was completely inspired by the cult movie by Ridley Scott “Alien”. This is a must-visit place for fantasy lovers. Beware of the aliens!

16 | Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

304 3110

The Alux is the largest cave bar in the world. The cave aged 18 thousand years is softly illuminated by hundreds of candles while stalactites and stalagmites create a special atmosphere.

17 | Hotel Edelweiss, Mürren, Switzerland


This is the best place to enjoy the refined cuisine and first-class beer 1100 meters above the earth surrounded by magnificent mountains at the very heart of the Alps.

18 | Ozone Bar, Gong-Kong, China

334 344

Entering the Ozone Bar, you enter a true bee-hive. The bar is located in the tallest building of Gong-Kong – the Ritz – on the 118-th floor. Views, service, design and drinks are so good as the last time.

19 | Water and Wind Bar, Bình Dương, Vietnam

354 362

The Water and Wind Bar is located on the flooded plot, throwing a beautiful reflection on the water. A stone pathway leads directly to this reflection, under the straw roof. The lamps on the walls and the ceiling create an incredibly cozy atmosphere to taste some drink.

20 | Red Sea Bar, Israel

373 382

This bar blends with gorgeous waters of the Red Sea offering its guests to enjoy the view of exotic fish and coral.

21 | Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia 

392 402

Built on a cliff of the Bali, the Rock Bar offers amazing view of the Indian Ocean. The bar is mostly visited at sunset when the sea and the sky create true magic.

22 | Bicycle Bar, Bucarest, Romania


This is a thematic bar with chairs, tables and even lamps made of processed bicycles.

23 | Dabbous Bar, London

433 443

Amazing brickwork, metallic shits and natural wood make the design of the Dabbous industrial but at the same time very organic and ideal for drinking cocktails and tasting delicious canapés.

24 | Hemingway’s Lounge, Hollywood, USA


Dream about long night with a good book? The Hemingway’s Lounge is a home-like pub with plenty of readable materials for drunken book lovers.

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