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Takane Ezoe teamed up with Modourbano and created a modern house at the very heart of Italian Milan.


The building that was designed in 2012 is an organic combination of Eastern and Western elements that allowed the authors to get an airy, open and cozy house.


According to the designers, the T House construction was born on the basis of the customer’s requirements. He was an artist who preferred freedom of space and wanted to have rooms that would separate his work from life and allow him working till late at night.


The studio has some specific characteristics: it is large, bright, and comfortable that allows meeting with customers and colleagues and where the artist can easily move around his large paintings. At the same time, the studio is remarkable for its simplicity and neutrality, does not divert to the external irritants that is very important for any artist’s work. There are galleries and exhibition areas near the house, where the artist keeps his archive and holds his meetings.


The dominating place of the house is kitchen. The customer can cook, accept guests or even hold some public activities here. The kitchen’s interior and its functional designing support this. Large bar stool, which serves as a working surface on the other side, is divided by low dangling lamps in the middle. Soft comfortable chairs along the stool and a large dinner table make the kitchen the heart of the house.


Living quarters are designed in the minimalism style and characterized by the highest possible flexibility – minimum of furniture, maximum of functionality. There is little furniture with simple and clean lines. Color pallet includes white color and light wood. Large amount of bookshelves and paintings produces bright color accents in the interior. All this is supplemented by green plants, growing both in the house and in the garden.

The bedroom located on the ground floor is a very intimate and untouchable area. Soft wall and floor illumination together with a truly Spartan environment – a bed and several vases with living plants – create very special atmosphere. The bathroom is made in the best Japanese traditions – there is a thermal bath of stone and wood with soft bottom illumination.


Functional designing is traditionally Japanese with everything half-opened, where the space is separated by traditional sliding doors like fussuma or syouji. The idea of large spaces and double-height ceilings underlines peculiarities of a style accepted in Milan in the 18th century. The designers wanted to preserve and multiply the uniqueness of this place – stone fragments, large arch windows and wooden beams of the gallery. The T House is a combination of the 18th century Milan’s refined elegance and the ancient Japanese home.

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