Three-room flat flat's in Ukraine

29 January 2016 |

Beautiful, spacious and stylish flat with an opened terrace, a grill-zone and much storage space.

The authors of this design project of a three-room flat in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) are the designers of Lugerin Architects company.

The area of the flat makes up 100 sq.m. The owners are a young couple with a kid. The flat is situated in the residential complex Comfort Town not far from the center of the city.

дизайн трехкомнатных квартир

дизайн трехкомнатных квартир фото

The interior design is minimalist. The flat is beautiful, stylish and functional at the same time.

Originally the flat had a great plan containing two separate bedrooms and the area combining a kitchen, a living room and a dining room with a terrace.

But the designers decided to slightly change the plan. Thus, they joined a balcony to a small nursery and hidden the pipes from the eyes. In the parents’ bedroom they installed a partition wall to make a dressing-room.

дизайн интерьера трехкомнатной

дизайн трехкомнатных квартир

The wall unit between the living room and the hall was demolished and replaced by mirror structure. It visually widened the space and added light and volume to the rooms.

The part of the terrace was made a closed facility room to place a dryer, a water heater and much storage. The other part was made a lounge zone with BBQ. There is a large table where the owners spend time together and with their friends.

дизайн квартир фото трехкомнатных

дизайн квартир фото трехкомнатной

Color palette of the three-room flat is grey and white diluted with bright accents and warm shades of wood. Thus, the parents’ bedroom has a bright red chair by Dutch designer, the nursery’s walls are beautifully painted blue and there is a scarlet sack-armchair, and there is a blue chair in the water closet. The living room is embellished with a gorgeous dark-blue sofa.

дизайн квартиры трехкомнатной фото

дизайн интерьера трехкомнатной фото

дизайн трехкомнатной фото

Almost all furniture pieces were produced according to the designers’ sketches. The sofa in the living room is of Ukrainian production. The designers slightly modernized it and added a soft bench on the other side.

дизайн квартиры трехкомнатной

дизайн трехкомнатных квартир фото

The water closet was finished with dark grey ceramic-granite. Bath-tube is closed by the glass partition wall. It has no frame and is built right into the stone.

Illumination system is perfect in this flat. The designers paid proper attention to each corner and zone of the flat to maintain cozy and bright atmosphere.

дизайн проект трехкомнатной квартиры

дизайн проект трехкомнатной квартиры фото


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