Trends-2016 in living room interior design

Today we’re going to tell you what trends are going to create interiors of the living rooms in 2016 all over the world. Some of these designer’s solutions seem to be an extension of the top trends of the second half of 2015 (that, of course, makes sense), others were defined by the leaders of industries and the leading world designers. If you plan to refresh decor of your living room, don’t miss our advices!

Find your style

Style today is more personal choice than the parameter defined by design, and in 2016 we’ll see this in the interiors of living rooms of both the local designers and the homeowners who favor creation of personalized design combining two or three individual styles. While such popular styles like Scandinavian or industrial will continue to prevail in interiors, they will be refreshed with the accents of tropical charm and merry prints. Eclecticism and ethnic style or shabby-chic and modern – creat your own combinations.






Eco-friendly design 

Recently people more frequently choose green, clean and eco-friendly life-style. You don’t need to throw away anything, and object on your attic or in your garage can receive the new life as a hand-made decor! Vintage is definately in fashion, and antique accessories in your living room are exactly what you need. Catch this trend, and even if you’re not too informed about it, just buy eco-friedly products and become a part of this green wave.





Organic decor 

There are many ways to make a living room more natural and less “plastic” this year. Use many living plants, make the whole green wall, put a coffee table or a bedside-table made of raw wood and use any other natural elements to create cozy and welcoming space.






Outdoor and indoor fusion

A kitchen connected with a backyard, a dining-hall opening to a patio or a spacious living room visually combined with a sparkling city in the distance – it is trendy to join indoor and outdoor spaces in any ways. The main concept is to turn the view into the real eye candy for those who are in the living room, while decor and atmosphere play the second role. Even if you’re not lucky to have gorgeous views behind the windows, try to attract more natural light and fresh air to your house to make it less constrained.





Blues and pinks 

The living room interiors in 2016 will definately be made in light shades of pink and elegant tones of blue, because the trendsetter of color fashion, Pantone, has clearly stated about that by choosing Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of 2016. Of course, you don’t need to attach yourself to these very two colors, but in styles like shabby-chic or Scandinavian that are currently on the top of their popularity, application of pastels and light shades like pink and blue makes great sense. Those who like bolder solutions, can try brighter shades of these colors for living room decoration, but use them to a limited extent.





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