Yin and Yang: two wonderful cabins in New Zealand

15 October 2015 |

These two tiny cabins were designed by the head of Cheshire Architects Nat Cheshire for two customers – friends who clubbed together to buy a plot in a dusky remote river mouth in the north of New Zealand. After a long discussion the friends decided that two tiny but very special houses will better suit all their needs.

As a result there were two plywood cabins built but with some luxury details inside. One of them is light and another one is black.


Charred wood of the cabins’ exterior contrasts with the landscape, but the lack of customary details like a pathway or an entrance door makes them look like they were always there.


Each cabin has two openings: one serves as an entry and another one is the window. But the entry is not the door actually — to climb the house one needs to step on a large cobblestone.


Interior design of the light cabin is simple and bright, trimming is made of ordinary plywood. At the photo the owner of the cabin enjoys views from the opened «window».

Both cabins have a bathroom, a kitchen, a living-room, a sleeping loft area and an ourdoor shower. For ventilation there are two dampers – in the bathroom and bedroom.


The architect and the clients invented an interesting solution for the interior – all of them approved the idea to add gorgeous details. There is a sofa by Ercol and a floor lamp by Arne Jacobsen.


Each kitchen is equipped with a small sink, a fridge, a gas stove and a dishwasher. The light cabin’s kitchen has eucalyptus facing. A small bathroom is on the left.



The black cabin is finished with cheap panels with polished black coating that creates the deep ink space. Furnishing in this cabin includes the Donald Judd bed and a ceiling decor by Eleanor Cooper.


The black cabin’s kitchen is equipped with the same appliances as the light one but is also stressed by glamorous copper panels.


A sleeping loft in the black cabin has the roof window to watch the stars at night.


Both cabins have an outdoor shower facing the river. The panel closing the opening serves as a small terrace.


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