Two level apartment design in Ukraine

11 February 2016 |

This stylish and cozy two-level apartment with a game zone, a swing, a chute, a fireplace and a vertical garden delights everybody from the very first sight.

The flat is situated in Ukrainian city Kharkov, in an old 1917 mansion. It has the area of 212 sq.m. and it is on the last floor of the building. The authors of the interior are KI DESIGN professionals. It took them two years to complete the project.

The owners wanted their interior not to be dull, be inviting and bright and at the same time be able to create calm and relaxed mood.

Initially the apartment had two levels. But previous owners didn’t use the second one because of inconvenient disposition of a staircase. So the space was completely re-planned.

двухуровневых квартир дизайн

квартира двухэтажная дизайн

квартира двухуровневая дизайн фото

After the plan alteration, the first level became an opened area connecting a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a dining-room and two isolated rooms that are future nurseries. Although the kitchen is a part of the common space, it is a closed cozy area due to the staircase leading to the second level. Space under the staircase was used for storage.

As the apartment is on the last floor of the building, it can boast of many attic windows. They fill the rooms with the abundance of natural light. Designers also made the bay windows in the living room so the room got additional volume and air, despite the low ceiling.

дизайн двухэтажной квартиры

двухэтажная квартира дизайн

двухэтажной квартиры дизайн фото

The second level was also divided into zones. It contains the owners’ bedroom with the adjacent dressing-room, a shower room, a guest bedroom, a bathroom and a home office.

дизайн двухуровневых квартир

дизайн двухуровневых квартир фото

дизайн двухуровневой квартиры

One of the bright elements of this apartment interior is a vertical garden made of 155 gardenias that bloom all year round. The bathroom also features a green zone with fern.

Color palette is soft, made in white, light grey and graphite. Abundance of the wooden furniture and accessories also bring coziness and comfort. The color accent of the interior is turquoise – it is both in furniture and textile.

But the most wonderful thing of this two-level apartment, the real wow-factor is a chute leading from the second level.

дизайн двухэтажной квартиры фото

двухуровневых квартир дизайн фото

квартира двухэтажная фото дизайн

двухэтажная квартира дизайн фото

двухэтажной квартиры дизайн

дизайн двухуровневой квартиры фото

квартира двухэтажная дизайн фото

двухуровневая квартира фото

двухуровневая квартира

Photo: Sergey Savchenko

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